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Your Resource Guide To Owning A New Viking Yacht

For more than 50 years, Viking Yachts has been building the highest quality sportfishing boats and motor yachts in the world. With countless Billfish tournament wins by Viking owners, cutting-edge design and technology on new models, and the relentless pursuit to 'Build A Better Boat Every Day', the Viking brand has achieved legendary status. There simply is no other competitor boat on the market today, or for the last several decades, that has come close to splashing as many hulls as the Viking factory. 

In this Viking resource guide for new owners, we will touch on the available models being offered today, what makes Viking so special, what it takes to own one, when you need a captain, and the after-purchase experience. The team at SI Yachts has spent countless hours at the Viking factory and are experts at helping clients into the best model for their needs so call us today to get started at (718) 984-7676.


What Makes A Viking Yacht Special?

Look no further than the New Jersey based factory to see why Viking Yachts are of a different breed. Known for their groundbreaking manufacturing capabilities that allow 90% of every Viking to be built-in-house, the Viking factory should be known as the 8th wonder of the world. Stretching over 800,000 square feet, the factory has its own hospital, water supply, kitchen, and almost 800 solar panels to help power one of its main buildings. Many of the team members that build each Viking are second and even third generation Viking employees.

Except for components on board like the engines, transmissions, pumps, hoses, air conditioning units, electronics, and tuna towers (done at Palm Beach Towers, Viking's own subsidiary), everything else is produced right at the Viking factory ensuring the most thorough quality control efforts in the industry. Being a debt-free company has its advantages as well. In recent years, Viking has re-invested millions of dollars into new technology and improvements at its factory, giving Viking the ability to improve their models to unprecedented levels. From multiple CNC routers for cutting composite and wood parts to multiple $1 million five-axis profilers, which create foam plugs to build complex molds, Viking clearly defines what it means to be cutting-edge. And yet, with a dedicated, talented and skilled workforce, the human element is equally dynamic.

(Below, Viking Southeast Sales Manager and Demonstrator Program Manager Ryan Higgins talks about the 'Viking Difference')

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You Have Decided You Want To Own A Viking Yacht. What's Next?

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a Viking. What size should you buy and what is your budget? Should you look at new or pre-owned? Can I trade my existing boat in? Can I drive it myself or do I need a captain? Our best advice to new Viking owners is to consult with an expert. It doesn't cost you anything but time to have a conversation with our team here at SI Yachts. Having sold countless boats since 1964, we have helped first-time buyers into a new boat only to have them come back decades later for their 10th+ yacht. We can be as much or as little involved with the process as you'd like and are more than willing to hold your hand every step of the way. Learn more about the history of SI Yachts and how we offer an unprecedented level of customer service.

Here are a few answers to the some of the questions that may be on your mind:

1. Which Viking model should I buy? Viking builds boats from 37 to 93 feet in length so the first thing to consider is your budget and how you plan to use it. The smallest model, the 37 Billfish which has been replaced by the 38 Billfish, will sell for around $1 million. The 93 Motor Yacht has an asking price of over $10 million. Understanding your budget can help guide you in your decision of selecting a new or pre-owned Viking Yacht for sale. The next consideration is whether or not you want to fish or cruise. Even Viking's hardcore fishing models have luxurious and comfortable interiors that can be used for extended cruising. Viking's re-emergence as a leader in the motor yacht market with the 75MY, 82 Cockpit Motor Yacht, and the 93MY, has given potential yacht owners more of a dedicated cruising selection of boats.

2. Is there somewhere I can see all of the Viking Yachts in one place? Viking holds several events every year aimed at introducing new models, allowing customers to get on board the boats, and compare the models side-by-side. In September of 2018, Viking held their annual Sea Trial Event in Atlantic City, NJ where dealers, factory representatives, and Viking management all got together with their customers to spend 2 days on sea trials of select new models. Customers were able to ask questions, dig in the engine rooms, measure the staterooms, and learn from the experts about the product. Additionally, Viking has approximately 15 models at the major boat shows like the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show each November and the Miami Yacht Show in February.

SI Yachts also invites potential customers to take a trip with us to the Viking factory. Being in such close proximity to New Gretna, NJ has its advantages and it's easy to take a trip over. Visiting the factory is a great way to see firsthand the craftsmanship that goes into each vessel and even meet Mr. Healey!

3. Do I need to hire a captain? It depends on what model you choose. Depending on your experience, it may be wise to hire a captain if this is your first yacht. Models like the new Billfish Series coming out soon can be driven by an owner as can some of the smaller open and convertible models like the 44 Convertible or 48 Sport Tower. As a service to our customers, our team at SI Yachts will give you a thorough training on your new Viking that will leave you feeling confident. We will spend as long as you need going over the operations of the boat, the controls, electronics, and all components. We are available to our customers 7 days a week to answer any questions so you will always feel like there is a support team behind you. If you decide you would like to hire a captain, our team would be happy to help you find some options. There are also online placement services like Boat Captain's Directory.

4. I own a boat already. Can I trade it in towards my new Viking? Absolutely. SI Yachts is one of the few yacht dealers in the Northeast that have the financial capacity to take your boat in on trade. Whether you are a center-console owner looking to move up into a Sportfish or own a cruising boat and want to upgrade to a motor yacht, SI Yachts will evaluate the condition of your boat and offer a fair market value. If you're curious now about the value of your current boat, visit our online form, enter the information, and we'll get back to you shortly with an estimated value.

If trading in your current boat isn't an option, allow SI Yachts to list it for sale in our Diamond Listing Brokerage program. We offer the latest marketing tools to sell your boat quickly and efficiently such as the two leading industry MLS systems, major print publications like Power & Motor Yacht,, Google marketing, our social media channels like Facebook, our industry and customer email databases, and so much more.

5. Should I build a new boat from scratch or buy one that is in stock? This is a discussion to have with your SI Yachts Viking Sales Professional. There are advantages and disadvantages to both scenarios and our team will help you weigh those to make the best decision for you. Building a new boat means that you get to visit the factory and watch it come to life from the hull being set to the teak deck being laid. You can select exactly what fabrics you want, your hull color, your components, your engines, and even change the layout of the boat. While this does mean it's going to take longer for you to have your new boat, it will indeed be your new boat, built to your specifications. Being that Viking is continuously building boats, it is sometimes possible to buy a model that is currently on the production line, as long as it's not too far along to make your desired changes. Generally it takes less than a year from deposit to delivery when purchasing a brand new Viking.

If having a Viking now is important, SI Yachts has new Vikings in-stock and can also find available boats at the factory or around the country. 

6. Why Viking Yachts are so expensive? Simply put, you're paying for quality. Viking is arguably the best built boat in the world. The team behind the product are among the most passionate about boating and fishing as anyone in the industry so there never any compromises when it comes to the quality of a Viking. The investments are made in the people, the technology, the machinery, and the very best materials available. There is a reason Viking Yachts is the number one sportfish builder in the world and it's not because they cut corners to save money. Sure you're paying for the yacht, but you're also paying for the peace of mind and confidence in your boat that only Viking and its partners can bring.

Viking Yachts also hold their value extremely well on the pre-owned market. Late-model, low-hour, pre-owned Vikings tend to sell quickly and for very close to the original purchase price. 

7. What choices do I have on selecting equipment for my Viking? Every Viking and every Valhalla are almost entirely built inside the Viking shipyard or at Viking Mullica. While Viking is considered a production boat, there are many customization options available for each model. From using an interior designer to select your furniture and accents, to choosing the best refrigeration system, to selecting the right outriggers for your needs, owners can rest easy knowing that Viking has sourced only the top vendors for such equipment. Exact options vary by model and full option lists can be sent to you by request. For an overview of what equipment vendors Viking uses, read "The Value Is In The Details With Viking."


Selecting What Viking Model You Want

Viking Yachts Models To Choose From

As mentioned above, once you figure out your budget and how you plan to use your boat, the next step is selecting what model you are interested in. Viking has split their model line-up into 6 different groups: Billfish, Open Series, Sport Towers, Convertibles, Enclosed Bridges, and Motor Yachts.

Viking Billfish: The Billfish series first began when Viking purchased the waterfront boat-building factory from Ocean Yachts and called it Viking Mullica. One of Ocean's best selling models was the 37 Billfish, which Viking took the molds and put their stamp on the model. The 37 Billfish proved to be highly successful as it was an excellent "step up" for big center-console owners who wanted the versatility and accommodations of a sportfish, but staying under the 40-foot mark. Viking will now launch a 38 Billfish and a 46 Billfish in 2019. There were new photos just released of the Viking 38 Billfish in March, 2019.


Viking Open Series: The Open Series consists of 4 models from 38 to 52 feet. The popular Viking 42 Open has been replaced by the new 44 Open, and the 38 Open will debut sometime in 2019. The Open Series is popular among anglers who want a fast, maneuverable boat with a tuna tower and an open-air feel. These are athletic, racy express cruisers outfitted with a fiberglass hardtop that cruise in the 30-knot range and top out in the mid-to-upper 30 knot range depending on the model and engine selection.

Viking Sport Tower / Sport Yacht Series: There are 2 models in the Sport Yachts / Sport Tower series, each with their own variation. The Viking 48SC and 48ST are the same exact boat, only the 48ST has a Palm Beach Tuna Tower. The Viking 52SC and 52ST are of the same format. With large cockpits, three-sided fiberglass air-conditioned deckhouses, and speedy MAN diesel engines, the Viking Sport Yacht or Tower model line is for anglers looking for a fun boat for the owner/operator.

Viking Convertibles: The most popular model segment of Viking Yachts is undoubtedly the Convertible. Ranging from 42 feet to the flagship Sportfish model, the 92C, there is a Viking Convertible Sportfisherman for every budget and need. Viking's latest convertible models include the 44 Convertible, 58 Convertible, and 68 Convertible. Also read:

Viking Enclosed Bridge Yachts: If you are boating in colder climates or simply want the advantages of having A/C and heat in your upper helm, then an enclosed bridge model may be the best choice for you. Viking's enclosed bridges are known for their plush accommodations that turn them into an additional living space on board the boat as well as being the upper helm control station. Viking's latest enclosed bridge models include the 68EB which has excellent visibility from its wrap-around windshield. There is also a custom polished stainless steel staircase that joins the main deck salon and the enclosed bridge.

Viking Motor Yachts: If cruising in luxury, entertaining guests, and living aboard for extended journeys to exotic destinations sounds appealing, then consider one of Viking's 3 Motor Yacht models. Each Viking Motor Yacht has Viking's impeccable construction and quality, but also their exterior styling for a sleek, yet refined, look. The interior accommodations are massive and there are countless spaces on board each model for relaxing, sunbathing, dining al fresca, or simply enjoying the enjoying the view from the flybridge lounge. Explore the Viking 75MY, 82 Cockpit Motor Yacht, and the flagship 93 Motor Yacht at the next major boat show.

Viking Yachts 93 Motor Yacht Lounge


What Kind Of Service Options Are Available On My New Viking Yacht?

Viking Yachts are incredibly well-built vessels, but like any yacht at some point you are going to need service.When it comes to servicing your new boat, no one has you covered like SI Yachts and the Viking team. Staten Island Marina offers a full service team that has years of experience working on Vikings in particular. Their capabilities include everything from engine replacement to installing teak decks, changing out electronics, to bottom jobs and painting the hull. With 3 Travel-Lifts up to 80 tons, there isn't much that our team and our facilities cannot do.

(Staten Island Marina and Service Center pictured below)

Staten Island Marina And Service Center

And for Viking owners traveling South for the season, you have the option to take your yacht to the Viking Yachts Service Center (otherwise known as the 'Viking Spa') located in Riviera Beach, Florida. Conveniently located in South Florida, the Viking Service Center offers a variety of services including engine alignments, mezzanine cockpit retro-fits, performance improvements, custom hull painting, generator service, custom cabinetry, and so much more. The service center even has a 150-ton Travelift for big Vikings that need a little R&R. No matter where you're boating takes you, there is a network of Viking service centers that can help you with service when the need arises.

(Pictured below is the Viking Service Center South)

Viking Yachts Service Center In Florida 

Stay tuned for our next blog post which will offer tips and guidance on how to have fun on your new Viking! Viking's mantra has always been to "Build a Better Boat Every Day" and we believe that once you've experienced the performance and accommodations that Viking offers the only decision remaining will be who gets to drive. If you have questions or are ready to get started on your boating journey, give us a call at (718) 984-7676. There is no better partner when purchasing a new Viking Yacht than the experienced team at SI Yachts.


Co-Authored By: Frank Bongiorno

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