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We Can Sell Your Viking Yacht Faster

In the last 12 months, there have been over 450 pre-owned Viking Yachts sold and documented in the industry's MLS system. With over 1,500 yacht brokerage firms in the U.S. alone, you have a lot of choices when it comes to who will represent you in the sale of your boat. As the oldest Viking dealer in America, we have perfected our craft over time to be able to sell your yacht quickly and for the most money possible. If you're looking to list your Viking Yacht for sale, call us today at 1-516-623-6060 or by email at Sales@SIYachts.com to speak with a Viking factory-trained specialist.


We Are Viking-Focused And It Shows

Yes, there are much larger Viking dealers and brokerage firms that sell more total Vikings than SI Yachts. But did you know that our Viking listings sell AT LEAST 15% faster than the other larger firms?

viking yacht under contract

(The above Viking 57 Enclosed Bridge was under contract just over 30 days from going live on the MLS.)

At SI Yachts, we don't have hundreds of listings that we have to maintain, prospect, and use our budget to advertise. Our team is trained at the Viking factory, which is conveniently in close proximity, and our focus is entirely on selling your yacht as efficiently as possible. This means our marketing dollars and efforts go towards your boat and aren't spread thin among dozens of similar listings. We may not have hundreds of listings to offer or sell the volume the other do every year, but we can sell your boat faster based on the data provided by Yachtworld.com.


Viking Google Rankings That Matter

Viking Yachts Google Trends

You may not know the efforts that go into ranking on Google for specific key phrases, but it matters immensely when it comes to bringing in the right visitors to our website, as well as enough of them. SIYachts.com has been the #1 ranked dealer/broker for the term "Viking Yachts" on Google for over a year. While there are a lot of phrases people enter into Google who are searching for a Viking, this phrase is by far the most searched by consumers. In fact, the main Viking page on our website is one the top 5 most visited pages.

ranking on google for viking yachts

SI Yachts will also run a very targeted Google Ad Campaign specifically for your used Viking Yacht. Anyone searching for a similar model to yours will be presented with an ad that links directly to your listing! Call our Viking specialists today and ask for a marketing overview of what we can offer.


Your Viking Advertised At A Major Northeast Fishing Tournament

The Montauk Canyon Challenge has grown into one of the most popular tournaments in the Northeast and the number of returning anglers continues to grow. With over $330,000 worth of prizes, this year's tournament looks to have the highest participation yet! Being one of the main sponsors of the tournament and having Viking Brand Manager Rich Lucas help manage it, there are dozes of opportunities to advertise our Viking listings to this group of very targeted fishing enthusiasts. 

But the MCC isn't the only tournament SI Yachts is involved in. Our Viking listings are also advertised during the Manhattan Cup and the Tri-State Shootout. SI Yachts also participates in all of the major tournaments in Costa Rica at Los Suenos. Our network of potential buyers continues to grow not only through the internet, but through our networking at major events like these.


We Get The Reach On Social Media Your Viking Needs

No matter who you list your Viking with, it will undoubtedly be advertised on social media. But just posting your boat on Facebook or Instagram doesn't get it in front of the right buyers, other Viking owners, and other brokers who may have a potential client. SI Yachts has carefully put together a collection of partners, groups, and pages which we can market your Viking. While we don't want to give our competition our exact strategy, we would be happy to review our plan with you and show you detailed results of our efforts. Social media has become a major marketing tool to help sell your sportfishing boat, but you have to know how to use it right!

(The below post on facebook reached over 50,000 and drew thousands of interested people to look through the photography.)

facebook post of viking yacht


Anyone can list your Viking Yacht, post it to Yachtworld, and include it in a magazine ad that may or may not be seen. At SI Yachts, our efforts are unique, targeted, and successful. We also have the ability to take your brokerage boat in on trade towards another brokerage listing or a new yacht!  Before you list your boat with anyone else, have a conversation with one of our sales professionals. You might like what you hear!


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