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The Value Is In The Details With Viking Yachts

The Viking Yacht Company selects only the very best equipment vendors and designers when it comes to the production of their sportfish, motor yachts, and Valhalla center-consoles.

There is no question when it comes to who the number one builder is in the world of sportfishing yachts. Viking Yachts has dominated the sportfish industry for decades and doesn't seem to be letting up anytime soon. Now with Valhalla Boatworks, they are seeing the same success with center-console sales. This success is contributed to the leadership of the Healey family, as well as the skilled team at the Viking factory that have become experts at their craft.

When it comes to why Viking Yachts perform so well, much of the discussion is about the top design team, the high-quality materials, the cutting-and edge machinery at the shipyard. While over 90% of every Viking or Valhalla is made in-house, there are certain parts like flooring, leather seating, outriggers, rod holders, and more that are provided by specialized vendors. Viking carefully scrutinizes each vendor so their products align with the same level of quality expected throughout each model.

"You'll only find the best equipment options on a Viking," said Rich Lucas, Viking Brand Manager for SI Yachts. "There are so many customization opportunities to make a Viking or Valhalla in your own vision. The Viking team shops their equipment partners hard and the results show. Of course, Palm Beach Towers and Atlantic Marine Electronics are the most well-known when it comes to Viking. There is a lot of value when it comes to these smaller details."

Amtico Vinyl Flooring (Seen below is the flooring of a 46 Billfish.)

amtico vinyl flooring on viking

Amtico Flooring is a leader in luxury vinyl flooring and the chosen supplier for Viking Yacht interiors. Amtico has over 50 years of experience and knowledge that goes into creating every floor for both commercial and residential applications. Amtico touts their product as being flexible, durable, and sustainable, which are all attributes needed for tough billfish adventures.

Costa Marine Canvas (Seen below: The seating on the Valhalla models looks good and performs even better.)

valhalla canvas seating

Costa Marine Canvas is the leading canvas, seating, and enclosure company in the marine industry. They are responsible for all of the seating on all Valhalla models along with many of the canvas covers and bridge seating for the Viking Sportfish. Owner Chris Costa is from Egg Harbor, New Jersey and grew up around iconic brands like Ocean and Viking. He even used the name "Costa Clear" for the company's brand of enclosures based off the recommendation from John Leek IV, now the manager of Viking Mullica.

Dometic Eskimo Ice Makers (Seen below: Having enough ice to fill multiple fish boxes is a must on a Viking.)

Viking knows its owners use a lot of ice because they are fisherman too. Not only do coolers need to be iced down for drinks, ice for every fish-box is a must-have as well. Dometic Eskimo Ice Machines are the option of choice for Viking Yachts because of their reliability, service, and amazing amount of ice produced. The Eskimo Ice EL1000 can produce up to 1,000 lbs. of fishbox ice per day and is all digitally controlled.

Gemlux Outrigger Systems (Seen below: Gemlux outriggers looking sharp on the Valhalla 41.)

gemlux outriggers on valhalla boatworks 41

Gemlux is the preferred outrigger vendor for the Valhalla Boatworks center-console models. Gemlux bases and outriggers are either fixed or telescoping to really get your bait in clean water. The Gemlux outriggers for Valhalla can be color-coordinated, are salt-resistant, and have greatly reduced whipping when running or fishing. Family-owned and operated since 1980, Gemlux also manufactures other marine products like deck hardware, hinges, latches, rod holders, and more.

Palm Beach Towers (Seen below: The custom Palm Beach Tower on the Viking 52ST is the best there is.)

Palm Beach Tower on Viking

Viking's subsidiary company Palm Beach Towers is known as the best in the business when it comes to the cutting-edge design of tuna towers, express towers, and fiberglass hardtops. Palm Beach Towers conveniently operates at both major Viking locations - the New Gretna factory and the Viking Service Center in Riviera Beach, FL making it easy for Viking or Valhalla owners to service. The construction, dual electronics and controls, and durability of these towers is truly a work of art.

Release Marine Helm Chairs (Seen below: The flybridge helm chairs on the 68 Convertible.)

release marine helm chairs on viking

Battling an 800 lbs. marlin requires skill, teamwork, and the best gear. But what about the comfort of your backside? Sitting in a chair, tense, in the sun, fighting it out with a big game fish can leave your sore. That's why Viking uses Release Marine for fighting chairs, helm seats, launches, are more. Based in Savannah, Georgia since it opened in 1977, Release Marine specializes in customized wood fishing accessories of the very highest quality.

Rupp Marine Outriggers (Seen below: The Viking 52 cruising with Rupp Outriggers.)

Rupp outriggers on viking yacht

Mick Rupp, an inventor with a strong passion for sportfishing, decided to design a new outrigger system that was easy to use and service. More than 40 years later, Rupp Marine Outriggers are among the highest quality and best in the industry. The Rupp Power hydraulic outrigger system allows for push button control, a favorite among Viking owners.

Seakeeper Gyro Stabilization (Seen below: The Valhalla V-37 is outfitted with a Seakeeper Gyro.)

seakeeper gyro on Valhalla Boats

Whether you're buying a Viking sportfish or a Valhalla center-console, there are few new luxury boats or yachts sold today without stabilization. Gyro stabilization has been out now for several years and there are a handful of companies that build the units needed. Seakeeper, however, has taken this industry by storm and continues to be the unabashed leader in marine stabilization. Many test cases exist including an 82% roll elimination in a Viking 82MY and a 81% improvement in the new Princess Y78.

Sub-Zero Refrigeration (Seen below: The galley on the Viking 44 Convertible.)

viking 44c galley fridge

After a long, hot day in the sun fishing nothing beats a nice meal and a cold drink. When tournament fishing or on extended trips, your yacht needs to have enough capacity to hold enough food, drinks, and supplies for a hungry crew for several days or weeks. For this important task, Viking chose the very best in under-counter refrigeration from Sub-Zero. In business for over 70 years, Sub-Zero describes their business as the "refrigeration, cooking, and dishwashing specialists found in the world's most luxurious homes." 

William Bales and Company (Seen below: The gorgeous interior of the Viking 92 Skybridge.)

interior design on viking yachts

Every Viking is designed for hardcore, rugged performance and built to rise to every occasion whether competing in a major tournament or fishing for fun. When the fishing is done, the air-conditioned (or heated) interior can be a place of relaxation and rejuvenation. Many Viking owners also use their boats for cruising with friends and family. For these reasons, the interior design and decoration is important. As another example of how Viking allows owners to customize their yacht, William Bales and Company is the go-to interior design expert that Viking recommends. Mr. Bales chooses only the very best in fine fabrics, leathers, carpet, stone, accents, artwork, and other modern building materials.


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