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The Montauk Canyon Challenge Will Go On This July

The fastest growing tournament in the Northeast, the Montauk Canyon Challenge (MCC), will go on this July! After staying inside all spring, it's time to get out on the water this summer and compete in a family-friendly, safe, multi-day fishing tournament. While we have not received exact guidelines from local officials, extra safety and health precautions will be completed by the time the tournament begins. Over $300,000 in prize money was given out last year!

"Anglers love this tournament for a lot of different reasons, but mostly because of the timeframe we give our competitors to fish," said Rich Lucas, SI Yachts broker and MCC Tournament Co-Director. "Every team gets to pick what day they fish between July 10th and 18th which means they can go any day they want depending on weather and schedules. Every team gets a 38 hour window, or two 19-hour trips, to fish!"

Quick Facts About The MCC:

Link To Register: 

Cost: $1,950 per boat

What Does It Include?: Captain's Dinner, Awards Dinner, Tropy & Prize Money, Tournament T-shirts, and Rope Handle Tournament Bucket

Date & Location of Captain's Dinner: *Montauk, Gurney's Yacht Club - July 9th from 6-9pm and July 10th from 9am-9pm.

**Due to the health concerns of COVID-19, the Calcutta and Captain's Bag Pick-up will be one-on-one with the tournament director. Registration and Calcutta need to be completed prior to the captain's meeting. We will be at Gurney's meeting with people individually.

What is the prize money? Yes, there is tournament prize money based on the number of registered boats. If the tournament has less than 50 boats, the prize amounts will be pro-rated. For example, if there are 50 boats registered and Tuna $10,000.00 will be adjusted as follows - $10,000 divided by 50 = $200 then 40 X $200 = $8,000 Payout. All Prize categories are pro-rated based on number of boats, except Junior and Lady Angler.  

2020 Prizes

$20,000 - 1st Place Largest Tuna
$5,000 - 2nd Place Second Largest Tuna
$5,000 - 1st Place Yellowfin Tuna
$1,000 - 2nd Place Yellowfin Tuna
$2,500 - 1st Place Albacore Tuna
$1,000 - 2nd Place Albacore Tuna
$2,500 - 1st Place Top Three Yellowfin
$1,000 - 2nd Place Top Three Yellowfin
$1,000 - 1st Place Mahi Mahi
$1,000 - 1st Place Mako Shark
$1,000 - 1st Place Wahoo
$500 - Harriett Ball Top Female Angler
$500 - Top Junior Angler (16 & Under)

To see the full list of prizes and calcuttas, visit: 

Is there an award ceremony? To Be Determined. Whether or not there is an awards ceremony will depend heavily on the Governor's guidelines and if we can safely have it. 

Click on any of the pictures below to open up last year's tournament photo album. There were over 200 Yellowfin and 100 Bigeyes caught last year!

Photo album of montauk canyon challenge

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