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The Absolute Navetta 58 Offers Harmony Between Space And Function

It's often said that building a boat is a series of compromises. Creating additional space in the salon may inadvertently affect your storage capacity in the galley. Designers manipulate these ratios until the layout is adequate for its purpose in a dance of give-and-take. If any of these concessions were made on the new Absolute Navetta 58, we simply cannot find them.

The Navetta series by Absolute Yachts is a bit of an anomaly in itself. From the motherland of yachting, luxury on the water is synonymous with Italy. Builders such as Azimut, Ferretti, and others have built a mecca of yachting that has allowed generations of craftsmen to hand down their skills while new technology has advanced boat building techniques beyond what was imagined 50 years ago. From rich appointments to beautifully flowing lines, today's products coming out of Italy offer a wealth of styles and functions. Absolute Yachts has not departed from this philosophy of creating beautiful boats, but rather enhanced it through improved range, increased fuel efficiency, and creative ways to offer additional light and air throughout the interior. The harmony of all systems and spaces working together allows for the tranquil, relaxing experience your mind and body require.

Accents & Details

Fashion designer Hubert de Givenchy once said "Luxury is in each detail." The Navetta 58 is a series of details and accents in every space, inside and out, that complement one another for a truly leisurely experience. One such detail are the frameless windows found throughout the salon, galley, and lower deck accommodations. Absolute's commitment to 'space and light' is noticeably abundant and the oversized windows, along with the additional portholes, contribute to this pledge. 

(Seen below: Between the frameless salon windows and the opening window near the aft cockpit door, your guests will feel immersed in the ocean that surrounds you.)

absolute navetta 58 windows

While there are several spaces to sunbathe on board the Navetta 58, the foredeck lounge is tough to beat. This is not your typical bow space with a flat sunbed and an electric winch. Absolute has re-imagined the bow lounge and seating to enhance your guest's experience. U-shaped seating is closest to the windshield and offers those who wish to sit and enjoy the scenery while slow cruising. The forward sunpad is almost stretches the full beam at the bow and is large enough for 3 to 4 people. An optional Bimini Sun Shade can be easily added. Continuing with their promise to enhance every space, the foredeck is filled with small details to bring joy to your time on the water. From the raised backrest on the sunpad, to the multiple glass/cell phone holders, to the audio controls near the couch, the only thing you need to worry about is the ice melting in your drink.

(Seen below: The beautiful Absolute Navetta 58 foredeck lounge is a popular space on board this luxury cruiser.)

foredecl lounge on navetta 58

Integration Of Technology

Never ones to rest on their laurels, the team at Absolute has integrated the latest technology offered in boating to allow each system to harmoniously work with each other. Similar to a "smart house", the EmpirBus Technology allows for digital switching among your components and gives owners the same type of on demand control they enjoy in their homes. "From the captain's standpoint, the helm station controls will allow for a complete picture into all of the data on board from all systems," said SI Yachts Vice President Jay Hendrix. "You have everything from climate controls, all mechanical equipment, electric equipment, water levels on board, and even the audio controls."

Your Navetta 58 can also be outfitted with the new Raymarine ClearCruise Augmented Reality technology that incredibly enhances your perception of the water around you. From identifying landmarks around you to giving you real-time ocean data, Raymarine has succeeded in giving you an incredible amount of information in an augmented reality format. Enjoy this unprecedented visual experience on your new Navetta 58.

(Seen below: Raymarine ClearCruise AR allows you to see the distance between you and a specific landmark, ship, or buoy.)

Raymarine CruiseClear Augmented Reality

Cruising Capabilities

Without its ability to cruise long distances efficiently, the Navetta 58 would not be as unique among the rest of the 60-foot plus luxury yachts coming out of Italy. The deep-v shaped hull allows the Navetta to easily glide through the water at cruise as well as offers excellent stability when combined with a Seakeeper 9 Gyro. The power of choice is of course Volvo D8 engines, but owners can choose from the standard IPS700 or upgraded IPS800 models.

In a past sea trial, BoatMag International published that the Navetta reached a top speed of 26 knots in a choppy sea. Slow cruising allows for a range of 768 nautical miles at a 6 knot speed and 1,000 rpm's. Jump up to 10 knots at 1,500 rpm's and now you're looking at a range of 427 nautical miles. The Navetta 58 is somewhat of a hybrid that doesn't quite reach the efficiencies of a traditional trawler, yet is much more friendly to long-distance cruising than your class flybridge yacht. The Navetta 58, when selected with the IPS800 engines, comes with twin 441kW generators, a 634 gallon fuel capacity, and a 171 gallon fresh water tank to ensure your guests have all the comfort they need.

(Seen below: The centerline flybridge helm gives you panoramic views and complete control of your personal Navetta 58.)

Flybridge helm on Absolute Navetta 58

If a yacht is going to be capable of cruising for weeks on end, it must provide exceptional comfort throughout the lower deck. A long cruise gets old very quickly with consecutive nights of poor sleep. The Navetta 58 has 3 generously sized staterooms along with a sizeable crew quarters aft. This layout is standard, however a fourth stateroom can be added when ordering your boat new from the factory. The master suite is placed midship and has wonderful views right at the water's edge along with outstanding ventilation. From significant storage spaces to the ability to electrically combine or separate the guest stateroom twin beds, the lower deck accommodations on the Navetta 58 will not disappoint you or your guests along for the ride!

(See below: The beautiful master stateroom has large windows, a walk-around berth, and multiple portholes for cross ventilation. Never feel like you're in a dungeon again when you go below deck!)

master stateroom absolute navetta 58

As one of the leading Absolute Yachts dealers in the world, SI Yachts is brought to be a stocking dealer of many different models. From the Navetta series to the sportier yachts like the 58 Fly, SI Yachts has the right boat for you in-stock or on order. With our ability to take your existing boat in trade and our industry leading service department, our passion is making your yachting experience the best that it can be. To hear about special incentives on in-stock Absolute Yachts, please contact our main office at (718) 984-7676 or by email at We look forward to speaking with you about this incredible Italian luxury builder and all they have to offer.

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