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SI Yachts Attends Master's Training At The Viking Yachts Factory

With boat show season underway and new models making their debut, it's a perfect time to continue our on-going product team training. Recently, the SI Yachts crew traveled to the Viking Yachts shipyard in New Gretna, New Jersey to attend the Master's Program Training. This program was created by the Viking team to educate their dealer network on the intricacies and advantages of Viking Sportfish, Motor Yachts, and Center-Consoles.

"There are so many details that go into making a Viking special," said Rich Lucas, SI Yachts Viking Brand Manager. "If a customer comes and tours the factory and really learns how Viking's investment in the shipyard's capabilities has enabled them to create something no one else can, they'll never buy any other boat. The equipment, the technology, and the expertise of the team working on the floor surpasses anything I've ever seen."

By attending the Master's Program multiple times and spending time in each department, the SI Yachts team become experts in the product. This allows us to advise you in selecting the right model, choosing the appropriate options for your needs, and helping you when it comes time to put it for sale on the market.

(Seen below: A short film by Viking Yachts that shows their shipyard and industry-leading equipment.)

The freshly planted flowers and Viking sign are always a friendly entrance to one of the greatest sportfishing meccas in the world.

Viking Yachts Factory entrance

"I've always wanted to be involved with Viking ever since I was a kid," commented Michael Fine, a new member to the SI Yachts Sales Team. "Visiting the Viking factory and learning about the construction process, the materials they use, and the cutting-edge equipment they've spent millions of dollars on, I'm just in complete awe. There's no other builder out there that is able to execute successfully at this capacity."

(Seen below: Michael Fine learns about how Viking hulls are constructed with balsa core, fiberglass, and go through a resin-infusion process.)

Viking shipyard hull fiberglass

SI Yachts Sales Professional Steve Messenger is no stranger to selling Sportfishing boats with over 30 years in the industry. "The thing that always stuck out to me about the Viking factory is how much of it they do themselves in-house," said Messenger. "Over 90% of a Viking is constructed right here. They have their own wood shop where custom cabinetry is done. They have their own metal shop, paint and powder coating line, the list goes on literally for a quarter of a mile." Viking's ability to integrate all of this machinery right at their facility and almost complete the entire yacht right the on the production line results in an impressive level of quality control.

(Seen below: The Viking factory wood shop is a busy area where furniture and cabinetry is constantly being built for new owners.)

Viking Yachts factory wood shop

The resin infusion process took everyone by awe when they came across a Viking 92 being vacuum-bagged. Some brands use full fiberglass hulls, but that brings extra weight and can slow down the boat. A Viking hull is a highly sophisticated composite integration of Baltek end-grain balsa and Airex foam cores that are laminated with fiberglass. The entire hull and bulkheads are vacuum-bagged, high-quality resin is pumped in, air is sucked out, and the resin replaces the air evenly through the pores of the composite material. Viking is able to build stronger, lighter, faster yachts that have larger fuel capacities and range.

(Seen below: The hull of a Viking 92 is being vacuum-bagged and infused with resin.)

Viking Yachts Resin Infusion Process

"One of the most exciting parts of the Master's Training for me was getting to see the Valhalla Boats being built," said Ken Andrade, a new member to the SI Yachts team based in Newport. "It's amazing to see the same materials, processes, and machinery used on these big luxury sportfish also get applied to the new center-console line. The Viking Mullica factory is really an asset for everyone and you can tell John Leek (GM of Viking Mullica) has this team running like well-oiled machine."

(Seen below: Viking Mullica GM John Leek talks with the team about the patented Stepped-V Ventilated Tunnel hull running surface that decreases drag and increased speed.)

Valhalla Boatworks Viking Mullica Factory

As one of the oldest Viking dealers in the world, SI Yachts is strategically located near the Viking factory to offer you unparalleled customer service when it comes time to build the Viking of your dreams. Our team not only go through the Master's Program Training, but visit Viking yearly as well as attend the various VIP Sea Trial events. If you're interested in learning more about Viking or how SI Yachts can take your current boat in on trade, please call our main office at (718) 984-7676 to be connected to one of our sales professionals.

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