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SI Yachts Announces New Fishing Team Coming In 2024

It's no secret that SI Yachts is one of the oldest Viking Yachts dealers in the world, first partnering with the prolific sportfish builder back in 1982. Since then, members of the SI Yachts team have sold countless Vikings, fished in many tournaments, and have even become the title sponsors of the annual Montauk Canyon Challenge. SI Yachts founder Frank Bongiorno continues to fish his personal Viking at the Los Sueños Marina in Costa Rica, occasionally donating his boat for veterans.

In a video from the recent Viking VIP Event, Jay Hendrix, Vice President, announced the creation of the SI Yachts Fishing Team that will begin this summer at the 2024 Montauk Canyon Challenge. They will be fishing in none other than a brand new Viking 58 Convertible.

Heading up the SI Yachts fishing team is our Viking Yachts brand manager, Rich Lucas. "We have a new 2024 Viking 58 Convertible being finished at the factory that will be delivered in early April," said Rich. "It's going to be our tournament demo boat and we have an incredible team we're assembling. We're going to kick things off at the 2024 Montauk Canyon Challenge on July 12th. From there we will fish the Tri-State Canyon Shootout, The Mid-Atlantic, and the White Marlin Open.

"Our demo 58 Convertible will be available at each tournament for other owners and anglers to tour," continued Rich. "We're very excited to have a new Viking to fish and display at each othese major tournaments. We sell many new and pre-owned Vikings each year so it's only fitting that we're fishing one too."

Stay tuned to SI Yachts on our Facebook or Instagram for a surprise fishing team announcement coming soon!

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