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Prestige Yachts Announces New X-Line Model Series

Just announced by Prestige Yachts is a completely new line of models to celebrate their 30th Anniversary. The new Prestige X-Line series promises to be highly innovative, cutting-edge, and follow in the footsteps of their most popular models. The first model will be the Prestige X70 and will debut at the 2020 Cannes Yachting Festival.

In a press release, Prestige described the new X-Line series as redefining "space, light, and luxury (on a yacht) with an emphasis on hand selected materials and exceptional fit-and-finish." Garroni Design, a design and architect firm based in Italy, is behind the new X70 and is no stranger to working with Prestige. The F70 is said to have the side decks moved to the flybridge which enhances the space and flow of the main deck.

In true Prestige fashion, every area of the boat will be optimized for the enjoyment of the owners and guests. A signature beach club will be implemented into the aft platform creating a wonderful entertaining space right at the water's edge. Volvo IPS technology will power the X-line series, not surprising considering the fuel efficiency and exceptional maneuverability that they provide.

"We're excited about the new Prestige X-line," said Jay Hendrix, VP of SI Yachts. "Every model I've ever been on has always felt like a home on the water. Prestige does an excellent job of creating comfortable interiors with enjoyable outside social areas. We can't wait to see what new innovations will be on the X-70."

Stay tuned to SI Yachts for continuing updates on the Prestige X-Line Series and the new X-70.

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