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Prestige Now Offers A Special Edition Of The 690 With Swarovski Crystals

Already known for their luxurious comfort features on board every model, Prestige Yachts has risen to yet another level by partnering with Swarovski Crystal. The new 690 Flybridge and 690S are among the newest of the model line and are perfect platforms to incorporate the stunning Swarovski details.

"Our clients love Prestige Yachts because they are essentially a luxury home on the water," said Jay Hendrix, Vice President of SI Yachts. "The owner's home is often extravagant and luxurious, so why shouldn't their yacht be as well? It's an excellent compliment to what Prestige  has already done."

"We are pleased to partner with Prestige for the launch of a customized yacht and bring a new crystal lifestyle experience on the sea," said Myriam Batoni, Director of Swarovski Crystal in France.

Both Prestige and Swarovski are elite brands in their spaces, ones known for elegance and allure. By partnering together and blending the two high-end products, a unique experience has been created on board, one that you would most likely expect in a mega yacht. 

"We worked on living areas of the yacht to offer a subtle and refined decoration to our owners,” adds Clemence Cessou, Prestige 690 Product Marketing Manager. “The larger surfaces are created combining panels embellished with Swarovski crystals with grey oak grooved wood and mirrors. This solution creates contrast and an alluring texture for a unique sensorial experience, delivering an ultimate modern home design at sea!"

As the sunlight penetrates the large picture-sized windows in the salon, the crystals glisten, creating a dancing light on the ceiling as the ocean moves.

The partnership with Swarovski reinforces the Prestige brand at the top of its class and is another commitment by the yacht builder to offer innovative aesthetic solutions for their discerning owners. If you are interested in owning a Prestige with Swarovski crystals, please contact us at either or by calling our main office at 1-718-984-7676.

Below are a few examples of how the Swarovski crystals were integrated into the 690.

(Below: Crystal accents in the master stateroom vanity and backdrop.)

crystal accents in master stateroom vanity

(Below: Crystals on the end tables and coffee tables.)

crystals on the end tables

(Below: Crystal accents throughout the bathrooms.)

crystal accents in bathrooms

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