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How Much Is A Viking Yacht 90?

It took no time at all walking into the recent Miami Boat Show to see the outline of the Viking 90's tower, peering over the other displays as if it were an exalted king standing on a balcony overlooking the commoners. Viking's display was front and center at the Herald Plaza entrance and its new flagship yacht in the foreground. Regal and dignified, there was no debate from anyone that this was the king of the show and the newly crowned sultan of sportfish.

"Both of these boats are badass," a proud Pat Healey proclaimed at the press event, referencing both the Viking 90 and the new Valhalla V-55. “They will not only become leaders in their respective classes, but they’re also going to dominate for years to come.” If orders of the new flagship are indicative of its acclaim among the die-hard tournament anglers, then market domination is eminent. Viking Yachts has now sold 16 of the new 90, with one of SI Yachts' customers being among the first to order a 90 Convertible.

The price tag of the Viking 90, however, is not for the faint of heart. "This is the pinnacle of owning a sportfish," said Rich Lucas, Viking brand manager for SI Yachts. "No corners are cut and no details are left unturned. You are purchasing the absolute best of the best and quality is expensive. Only the lucky few can call themselves owners."

The base cost of the Viking 90 is just under $12.2 million, but adding in more powerful engines and other optional equipment will mean a final price of around $14 million or more. "Once the owner begins selecting what options they want on the boat, things like electric actuation of the Seakeeper hatch or air conditioning in the backrests of the mezzanine seats, the price definitely starts to go up," continued Rich. "Whether you are a longtime Viking owner or coming over from another builder, we can help you go through all of the choices and help you select the options that fit with your expectations and plans."

The cost of the Viking 92 was slightly lower than that of the 90, but much has changed in the time that the 92 was first designed. After 21 hulls of the 92 being sold, Viking used everything they learned from owners and personal experience, combined with new innovations in materials and construction, to somehow improve on the most prolific sportfishing yacht the industry had ever known.

(Below: The Viking 90 was first seen at the invitation-only VIP Event.)


What is the top speed of the Viking 90?

The Viking 90, at wide open throttle and with the standard 3,801 gallons of diesel fuel, will reach a top speed of 38 knots. This is slightly faster than the Viking 92 which could reach only 36-knots. The standard base engine package for the 90 are twin CAT C-32A 1,925mhp's, and while those engines will certainly get the yacht moving, most owners want that extra horsepower.

engine room of viking 90

Adding to the overall price of the Viking 90, the upgraded engine options include the CAT C-32B 2,433mhp engines or the more popular MTU 16V2000 M96L 2,635mhp engines. Upgrading your engines can increase the overall price of your Viking 90 by nearly $1 million.

Many changes went into the design and construction of the Viking 90 to improve efficiency and speed, lessons learned from tweaking the Viking 80. “Everything from lightweight interior woods to advanced propulsion systems have been developed in anticipation of the 90 – to prove out theories, systems and procedures,” continued Pat. “With our last three 80 demos, we’ve gone from a 40.5-knot boat to a 43.5-knot boat, picking up three knots over the course of three different 80s. We’ve been able to make these tremendous strides because we have the best team in the business. The development of the 80 and the 90 are excellent examples of how we can rise to the occasion to adapt and innovate.”


What Other Options Will Change The Price Of My Viking 90?

90 foot viking yacht at cruising speed

As with all Vikings, there are many opportunities for customizations and add-on features throughout the yacht. The Viking shipyard takes great pride in the amount of standard features on board their models and the 90 is no exception. Twin 40kW Kohler generators, for example, are standard, along with three 6-ton chilled-water A/C units, ElectroSea Clearline System, two Eskimo ice machines, 1,800 GPD water maker, and so much more to list.

Below are several options that owners can choose to add when building their own Viking 90 that will affect the overall cost:

  • Convertible or Enclosed Bridge? Adding the enclosed bridge can mean an additional $400K depending on options.
  • Seakeeper 35 - Who isn't going to want gyro stabilization on their boat?
  • Spot Zero water purifier (double pass unit or the water-maker combo unit)
  • Mezzanine air conditioning
  • Customized hull color 

Of course, once the options are selected for the equipment on board, the new owner must meet with the consultants at American Marine Electronics to decide what navigational equipment on board they prefer.

For an accurate price on what your Viking Yachts 90 will cost, we suggest you contact our main office to speak with a factory-trained, Viking-certified Sales Professional at 718-984-7676 or reach us by email at Our doors opened in 1964 and we are the oldest Viking dealer in the country. With our proximity to the Viking factory, our ability to take a boat on trade, and our industry leading mobile service team, we offer a unique Viking ownership experience. Looking for a used Viking Yacht? Our team has access to boats off the market that other brokerages don't. Contact us today and let us know what you're boating plans are!


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