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How Much Does A 50 Foot Viking Cost?

The 50 Convertible dates back to 1990 when the model first premiered as a successor for the 48 Convertible, which had been a staple in Viking's sportfish range. It was re-introduced again in 2008 during the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show, along with the West Coast fishing editions designed by Viking Yachts called 'Bad Company' editions that featured unique flybridge arrangements. Today, the Viking 50 Convertible is only found on the brokerage market, as the 48 Convertible is back, along with the 54 Convertible. Back then, the 50C was described as "heavily built, heavily armed, and highly mobile" by the editors of Power & Motor Yacht. We can only imagine what they would have said about Viking's progressions today!

When the Viking 50 was re-developed in 2008, it had a base price of just under $1.8 million when powered with the upgraded MAN V12 1360 CRM engines. According to the yachting industry MLS database, most 50-foot Vikings that were a part of the second generation builds starting in 2008 had an average sale price of $1.2 million. The older generation Viking 50, built between 1990 and 2001, had an average selling price of $460,000. On today's market, the asking price of a 50-foot Viking ranges from $250,000 to $700,000 depending upon the year it was built, condition, and power option.

"Viking has always been ahead of the pack when it comes to the quality of construction, equipment chosen, and the resulting performance of their sportfishing boats," said Rich Lucas, Viking Brand Manager for SI Yachts. "The 50 Convertible was no exception. This is a boat that would hit over 40 knots at full throttle, but had a nice cruising speed in the low-30 knot range with decent range. If kept in good condition, this model still sells easily on the brokerage market."

Viking's company motto has always been to 'Build A Better Boat Every Day' and it only takes looking at the older 50 Convertible, versus the later model, to understand their progression as a builder. As new materials become available, software becomes more advanced, and greater technology becomes available at their shipyard, so do the boats begin to change for the better. The Viking 50 Gen 2 featured a new design that consisted of a flatter aft section and 12 degrees of transom deadrise, a noticeable difference of about 3 degrees from previous models. The result was a noticeably drier and more comfortable ride for those in the cockpit while the boat was underway.

(Below: The 50-Foot Viking also came in an Express Sportfish version.)

viking 50 express version

As with all Viking's, the interior accommodations are first-class and allow for comfortable, multi-night fishing or cruising excursions. The salon is outfitted with an Ultra-leather L-shaped settee and the cabinetry is all teak, which is either a satin-finish or upgraded high-gloss finish. This provides a great place to relax in the air conditioning after a long day fighting big pelagics. The lower deck layout features 3 cabins, 2 heads, and plenty of storage space. Viking always does an excellent job maximizing storage for clothes, tackle, rods, and other supplies for offshore fishing. Whether competing in a bluewater tournament, or trolling in the islands with friends, the Viking 50 has everything you need for a successful trip.

viking 50 salon and galley

SI Yachts is one of the oldest Viking dealers in the world and consistently stock new inventory. Whether you are considering customizing your own model, allowing us to help you find a pre-owned Viking, or are interested in Viking's center-console line, Valhalla Boats, we offer the expertise and customer service that's hard to duplicate anywhere. Being close to the New Gretna-based factory gives us the opportunity to easily meet you at the shipyard or check on your boat for you. Our expert service team can assist with routine maintenance, customizing your boat with new equipment, or warranty work. We also offer mobile service for our new boat customers.

For more information on finding a 50-foot Viking on the brokerage market, selling your existing one, or finding out about available new inventory, please call our main office at 718-984-7676 or email us at We look forward to working with you on the sale or purchase of your next boat!


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