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Every Summer Will Have A Story With The Princess F45

Your summer vacation doesn't have to end when you own the new Princess Yachts F45.

You notice a few people walking towards the resort taking a second glance as your bowthrusters easily glide your yacht to the awaiting attendant on the dock. Each movement of the joystick in your hand guides you closer with the same ease as changing the channel on your t.v. You recall your previous boats and the anxiety that docking caused, like that time the tide was so strong it took half a dozen tries before finally bumping into the concrete pillar at the marina, drawing smirks and gasps from your neighbors tied up nearby. But not anymore. Now you have the confidence of Sully Sullenberger landing a plane on the Hudson River as thousands watch in disbelief. The dockmaster grabs your bow line and welcomes you back by name, offering admiration on your new upgrade from last year. Your Princess F45 glistens with salt spray after your morning cruise around Plum Island, sparkling under the early afternoon sun.

Gurneys Montauk Beach Club(Seen above: The Beach Club at Gurney's Montauk Resort and Marina.)

It's been a long winter. The anticipation of the arrival of summer is nearly as satisfying as summer itself. It's often said that the best things happen between the months of June and August and your family can feel the excitement that only warm weather can bring. For as long as your kids could walk you've been coming to Gurney's Montauk Resort, letting them play in the sand next to your cabana while you and your wife bask in the sun's rays and sip on your passionfruit mojito. It used to be that the destination was the climax of your weekend, but this year feels different. For once, you lost track of time during the voyage and focused on the present with no care for emails or news feeds. Gripping the steering wheel on the upper helm, with the sun beating on your face and the breeze swirling around you, you remembered the same feeling you had as a kid when your grandfather pushed down the throttle on his boat at what felt like warp speed at the time. Now you're the captain and you have the freedom to explore, adventure, and build the memories your children will pass on to theirs. Boating is in your blood and Princess Yachts has taken that passion to an entirely new level of luxury and possibilities.

princess yachts 45 flybridge(Seen above: The Princess F45 offers freedom on the water with easy joystick handling and unmatched quality.)

After lunch at the Beach Club you hop back on the shuttle to the marina, your smile contagious as your kids gleam with anticipation. They usually want to stay on the beach and body surf the waves created by passing boats. But not today. Today they ask to go faster sitting next to you on the flybridge. Today they ask to jump from the bow into the water while you're anchored at Navy Beach. Today they want to hang their feet over the edge of your hydraulic swim platform and hang on to the ladder while floating with their mask and snorkel as they look for fish. Your wife sunbathes on the foredeck sunpads, lost in her own peacefulness. You think to yourself, "Could life get any better than this?"

Princess F45 Virtual Tour(Seen above: Click or Tap the image above to open the Virtual Tour of the Princess F45.)

As you head back to the marina at Gurney's for an evening at 'The Fire Pit', the kids beg to spend the night on the boat. Of course, this comes with no complaint from you or the Mrs. The Princess F45 has revolutionized the lower deck accommodations on a sport yacht under 50 feet. The full-beam suite is your own private penthouse with views from the water's edge. With the kids asleep in the forward VIP and the ventilation hatches open, everyone begins to dream about what adventure tomorrow will bring. This summer has a new energy about it, one that brings a renewed appreciation for family time on the water. Every summer has a story, whether or not it's memorable is up to you.

master stateroom princess f45(Seen above: The beautiful master suite of the Princess 45 Flybridge.)

VIP stateroom on Princess F45(Seen above: The VIP suite has a convertible berth that can split apart for kids.)

As one of the top Princess Yachts dealers in the world, SI Yachts is uniquely situated to provide an incredible experience from the research phase, to purchase, and throughout your boating life. Our ability to take your existing boat in trade makes moving up (or down) in size an easy transition. Our team is factory-trained and can guide you throughout a new build process or find a great deal on an existing yacht in stock. Our industry leading service team and facility keeps you boating all season long, handles all warranty work, and works hand-in-hand with the Viking Yacht Service Center in Florida should you need service while cruising. With low interest rates and travel restricted for awhile, there's never been a better time to but a new Princess. We are also leaders in selling pre-owned Princess Yachts and have a wide selection available on the brokerage market.

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