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Absolute Yachts Is The First To Offer Assisted Docking On Every Model

The team at Absolute Yachts have never been ones to rest on their laurels. From evaluating new technology to improve navigation, to evolving the capabilities of their model range, Absolute Yachts has continued to evolve in order to create a better boating experience. In 2019, they introduced the Garmin EmpirBus system allowing for unprecedented control of systems on board. Shortly after, Absolute integrated the Raymarine ClearCruise Augmented Reality technology as an option to their electronics suite that gives captains an incredible amount of information about what's around them on the water.

Now, Absolute Yachts looks to take the stress out of docking by adding Volvo's Assisted Docking Technology to every model in their range, including the new, award-winning Navetta 64 which will make its Northeast debut in July in Montauk. Absolute will be the first yacht manufacturer to offer it on every model.

So what is Assisted Docking all about? Assisted Docking works with Volvo Penta’s joystick technology and software developed with the company’s GPS-based Dynamic Positioning System, adding automated functionality that compensates for such conditions as tide, wind and current when approaching a dock.

Absolute soon plans to launch the new 48 Coupe with the docking technology, which will makes it world debut at the yacht show in Cannes and then on to this year's Fort Lauderdale Boat Show. "Absolute is a dynamic yacht, they do such a tremendous job maximizing every area so it's enjoyable," said Jay Hendrix, Vice President of SI Yachts. "We recently displayed the Navetta 52 at the Steelpointe Boat Show and everyone that stepped foot on it was impressed. We ended up selling 52 right at the show."

In a statement released, Absolute further explains how it functions, "The system consists of a joystick that controls the steering input, and a GPS-based dynamic positioning antenna. The captain maneuvers the boat with the joystick, informing the system which direction it should head and at what speed. Using the joystick, the software will hold the boat course automatically, adjusting for wind or current drift." The Docking Assistant integrates with Volvo's Joystick Technology and GPS-based Dynamic Positioning System.

SI Yachts is happy to discuss the benefits of owning an Absolute with you, along with our ability to take your current boat in on trade or selling it quickly for you on the brokerage market. Call our main office at 1-718-984-7676 or email us at Sales@SIYachts.com to find out about Absolute availability and order options.

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