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Absolute Yachts Adds Amazing New Raymarine ClearCruise Technology

As if owning an Absolute Yacht couldn't get any cooler. The Italian luxury yacht manufacturer just announced that they have added the new Raymarine ClearCruise Augmented Reality Display (or "AR" for short) to the Absolute 47 Flybridge. Leading in technology and innovation is nothing new from Absolute who consistently finds ways to make your boating life just a little bit easier.

Earlier this year, Absolute added Garmin's EmpirBus Technology to the Navetta 48 and 62 Flybridge which is a suite of multi-function displays that work together to offer the owner total control of all systems on the yacht. This works similar to how a "smart home" might function.

What is Raymarine's ClearCruise Augmented Reality? Imagine cruising on your Absolute Yacht and being able to look at your display and seeing an enhanced perception of the world around you. From seeing your saved waypoints to getting real-time AIS vessel information of yachts nearby to receiving critical navigation information, the ClearCruise AR technology re-imagines the delivery of information to the captain.

This short video by Raymarine shows you firsthand what the information looks like on your display:

The ClearCruise system consists of a camera pointing towards the bow as well as a GPS receiver with an integrated compass sensor that is installed on the hardtop of the 47 Flybridge. The camera is then stabilized through the addition of an integrated sensor which is also integrated into the Raymarine system on board.

Below, a screenshot of the ClearCruise AR system shows what it looks like to see navigational buoys or objects over-layed on a HD video display. The surrounding boats or ships are clearly identified as long as they are AIS-equipped. The graphics look amazing on top of the live, dynamic video.

absolute yachts clear cruise video display

Seen below are the color-coded labels that differentiate between navigation items, registered ships, and even provides a risk-assessment of targets in your horizon. This allows the owner or captain to completely understand navigational situations that could be complex. Not only does this improve safety, but it also increases confidence for private owners that don't have decades of boating experience.

absolute raymarine technology augmented reality example

Seeing waypoints in the distance can be tough while your captaining a boat, but the new Raymarine ClearCruise AR system shows you exactly where they are and how far you are away. Even if the sun is in your eyes or it's a hazy day, you can easily make out any navigational objects and the edges of the channel. Never miss your destination again!

absolute yacht raymarine waypoints display

If you would like to receive more information on Absolute Yachts, please don't hesitate to contact our main office at (718) 984-7676 or by email at Sales@SIYachts.com. As a stocking dealer for Absolute Yachts, we have inventory available for you to tour at a variety of locations, boat shows, etc. SI Yachts also has the ability to take your current boat in on trade if you desire or list it through our 'Diamond Listing' brokerage yacht program. Our team is factory trained at the shipyard in Italy and able to answer any questions you might have about the model line.

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