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Yo ho ho! You there! If you're searching for a treasure chest of pirate names, you've come to the right place! Many kids pretend to be a pirate when they play make believe, and you'd better believe they come up with a cool pirate name while captaining their cardboard pirate ship and making their siblings walk the plank. As adults, we're not as creative when it comes to giving ourselves good pirate names. That's where our pirate name tool comes in! Just enter your first name (or make one up) and our pirate names generator will take care of the rest!

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All awesome pirates need a proper name before they sail the seven seas to plunder and pillage, and so do the more laid-back pirates who are just looking to take the family out for a relaxing afternoon sail on the boat. Our tool has been known to come up with good names for pirates, from sea-related names to the funniest pirate names to the fiercest female pirate names. Will you be dubbed Bob Blackheart, Sally Scallywag, or the fearsome Bloody O'Malley? If your suggested pirate name has you saying "Aaarrrrggghhhh," just hit the random pirate name generator button and more fitting names for pirates will appear!

Don't get marooned without a unique pirate name; find the perfect one with our pirate names generator before you head out on your next big boating adventure. Yarr, matey!