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sanlorenzo 460 exp yacht

Sanlorenzo 460 EXP


The Sanlorenzo 460 EXP is a 140-foot explorer yacht with a steel hull and a flybridge that was produced by the iconic Italian yacht-building firm Sanlorenzo between the years of 2015 and 2019. The brand’s first foray into the world of globe-trotting expedition yachts, this vessel is not only a rugged piece of equipment capable of genuine oceanic voyages but a supremely stylish piece of nautical engineering that allows you to sail the seven seas in utter comfort and sheer sophistication. Classic lines inspired by the golden era of transoceanic liners, a custom metallic livery and exquisite artisanal touches ensure that this vessel stands out from the crowd at any dockside. A major hit with industry critics upon launch, this incredible boat won four international awards including the prize for “Best Displacement Yacht” at the World Superyacht Awards 2017 held in Florence, Italy. Models in this line have been seen traversing the Atlantic, while cruises to locales as exotic as the Galapagos or Arctic Greenland are an enticing possibility.

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