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As the Viking dealer for the Northeast and one of the oldest in the company's history, SI Yachts is uniquely positioned to help you find the perfect new or used Viking Yacht for sale on the market today. With expert team members that have been through years of factory training and visits, and who regularly fish Vikings in major tournaments, there is no better team in the industry to help you find your next boat or sell your existing Viking Yacht.

More About Viking Yachts

The History Behind Viking Yachts

Brothers Bill and Bob Healey founded Viking Yachts in 1964 when they bought out Peterson Viking Builders and made it their own sportfishing and cruising yacht company. In 1991, they went from 1,500 employees down to 80 employees due to the nationwide recession and the introduction to federal luxury tax. This caused a huge fluctuation for many businesses such as engine manufactures, equipment procedures and other vendors that were heavily needed. The Healey Brothers began to invest their own money to keep their company, Viking Yachts, afloat during this turbulent time. Bob Healey was starting to organize a national campaign to fight against the tax issue that caused the job loss and stagnated boat sales. Bob also organized a vast amount of out-of-work boat builders that gathered on Capitol Hill for a rally, a true testament to the commitment that the Viking family has made in this industry. After two years, the luxury tax ended and Viking was overwhelmed with satisfaction as boat buyers started to return to the market. In addition to boat buyers returning to the market, Viking Yachts escalated to the top rocketing over their competition.

This established the Healey Brothers and their company, Viking Yachts, as the dominant builder in its class for sportfishing and cruising yachts.  The Healey Brothers created an open-door policy at Viking Yachts. This welcomed all persons who were interested in the boat-building technology such as students, vendors, competitors, legislators and more! Bill Healey had a leadership in design and engineering which lead to Viking Yachts contributing to the development of and was one of the first to adopt the American Boat and Yacht Council’s (ABYC) Standards and Recommended Practices along with the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) Recommendations. Every single model in the Viking Yachts line up is both ABYC and NMMA certified. Viking Yachts continued to steer their attention to always building a safe boat and received CIGNA Recreational Marines prestigious Award for excellence. Unlike the competition, Viking Yachts is the only company that manufactures roughly 90 percent of the items that go aboard each yacht they build. Everything is made on site except for some major components such as engines, air conditioning units and propellers.

Bill and Bob Healey are also founders of the Recreational Fishing Alliance (RFA). The RFA is a non-profit organization that was formed in 1996 to promote sustainable fisheries and a healthy marine environment.

Today, Viking Yachts enjoys a blessed status as the country’s leading builder of sportfishing convertible yachts and cruising yachts, with many industry observers describing Viking as the best yachts of their kind, in the world.


Pre-Owned Viking Models

Viking 37 Billfish

The 37B has been designed to mimic the historic Merritt and Rybovich day era. The Viking 37 Billfish exceeds the limit on the bar of the memory of these classic vessels with contemporary styling, sleek and modern durable materials to offer the best performance, easy maintenance and being ever so attractive under the stars. This particular yacht was built to be tournament ready no matter where the fishing may lead. Accessing the 86-foot cockpit equipped with all the necessities such as a bait freezer, tackle stowage, a transom door and more. The salon is created in all-weather protection with a U-shape dinette, a fiberglass table with a ton of room to relax comfortably. This 37B is also equipped with a lower helm station, perfect for the anglers who plan to fish in the winter months. Air conditioning is also available on the command deck for those fishermen looking to escape the heat.

Nearly 14 feet of beam grants the Viking 37 Billfish a great amount of room and an air-conditioned layout.

The galley is L-shaped with Corian countertops, a stainless-steel sink, electric cooktop, spacious cabinetry, cooking utensils and supplies ideal for extended traveling for tournament fishing as well as cruising.

Viking 55 Convertible

The Viking Yacht company has introduced numerous ground-breaking designs for more than 5 decades that have paved the water with excellence in both design and performance.

In 1996, Viking introduced its first Viking 55 Convertible at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show. Fast forward to today’s date, the newest edition of the 55 Convertible from bow to stern and every foot in-between shine with perfection. The 55 Convertible tops speed in excess of 40 knots.

The cockpit and fly bridge have been designed after experiencing thousands of fishing tournaments and have now included many amenities like a center console hem station and/or split-level cockpit. Accommodations include a friendly layout with three staterooms and two heads. Laundry center and a choice of a salon floor or peninsula style galley with under counter refrigeration. From all the custom features to choose from, you can make this boat specifically to your style.

Viking 75 Motor Yacht

Every new Viking starts with a fresh slate, designed to take full advantage of its power on the water. The 75 Motor Yacht has a convertible running surface to utilize horsepower and also for the handling and sea-keeping ability. With a top speed in the mid-30 knot range and a cruising range of 30 knots, this speed makes longer distances comfortable in a Motor Yacht traveling Motor Yacht fashion. It’s tri-level layout demonstrates and intelligent use of space. Accommodations include five staterooms, each with their own head and shower. A full beam master suite and crew quarters, both with access from the stern. Twin molded fiberglass staircases lead from the teak planked swim platform to the aft deck. With a U-shape lounge and table, it is a perfect invitation for dining at the yachts club, or on the hook in the Nantucket Harbor. Rich textures of the designer fabrics balance with all the natural light that feeds in from the salon windows. Also, custom made sofa and cocktail tables on the port side, with built-in entertainment center. The formal dining area seats six comfortably and a galley equipped to create anything from a shrimp cocktail to a 20-pound roast.

How to Buy a Viking Yacht

If you’re interested in purchasing a Viking Yacht, a Staten Island Yacht Sales professional can assist you. All employees are trained to identify as many ways as possible to improve your experience when purchasing a Viking Yacht. Being a 100-percent customer-driven business, SI Yachts deliver every time.

How to Sell Your Viking Yacht

SI Yacht Sales has experience and the product knowledge to sell your Viking Yacht. Selecting the right full-service brokerage firm when selling your yacht improves the likelihood of a seamless and timely transaction. Listing your yacht with SI Yachts, you can be certain it is in the hands of dedicated professionals. Staten Island Yacht Sales has been a certified Viking Yachts dealer since 1982. Over 50 years in business, our devoted Sales Professionals work attentively to provide you with first-class representation.


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Model Name Beam Draft Engine Fuel Capacity
Viking Yachts 93 Motor Yacht 24' 4" 5' 11" MAN, CAT, or MTU 2,007 gallons
Viking Yachts 92 Convertible 24' 1" 5' 11" CAT or MTU 4,015 gallons
Viking Yachts 92 Enclosed 24' 1" 5' 11" CAT or MTU 4,015 gallons
Viking Yachts 92 Skybridge 24' 1" 5' 11" CAT or MTU 4,015 gallons
Viking Yachts 90 Skybridge 23' 2" 5' 11" CAT or MTU 3,801 gallons
Viking Yachts 90 Enclosed Bridge 23' 2 5' 11 CAT or MTU 3,801 gallons
Viking Yachts 90 Convertible 23' 2" 5' 11" CAT or MTU 3,801 gallons
Viking Yachts 82 Convertible 22' 4 5' 6 CAT or MTU 3,000 gallons
Viking Yachts 82 Motor Yacht 20' 6 5' 6 MAN, CAT, or MTU 1,650 gallons
Viking Yachts 80 Convertible 21' 4 5' 7 CAT or MTU 2,600 gallons
Viking Yachts 80 Skybridge 21' 4" 5' 7" CAT or MTU 2,600 gallons
Viking Yachts 80 Enclosed 21' 4 5' 7 MTU 2,600 gallons
Viking Yachts 76 Convertible 20' 3" 5' 6" CAT or MTU 2,547 gallons
Viking Yachts 75 Motor Yacht 15' 4" 5' 2" MAN or CAT 1,650 gallons
Viking Yachts 74 Convertible 19' 9" 5' 7" CAT or MTU 2,400 gallons
Viking Yachts 72 Skybridge 20' 5' 9" CAT or MTU 2,594 gallons
Viking Yachts 72 Enclosed 20' 5' 9 MTU 2,594 gallons
Viking Yachts 72 Convertible 20' 5' 9" MTU 2,594 gallons
Viking Yachts 70 Convertible 19' 7 5' 8 MTU 2,100 gallons
Viking Yachts 68 Convertible 19' 2 5' 5 MTU 2,060 gallons
Viking Yachts 68 Enclosed 19' 2" 5' 5" MTU 2,060 gallons.
Viking Yachts 66 Enclosed 19' 1" 5' 5" MTU 2,065 lbs.
Viking Yachts 66 Convertible 19' 1" 5' 5" MAN 2,065 gallons
Viking Yachts 65 Enclosed Bridge 18' 8" 6' MTU 1,990 gallons
Viking Yachts 65 Convertible 18' 9" 5' 6" MTU 2,000 gallons
Viking Yachts 64 Enclosed Bridge 18' 11" 5' 7" MAN 2,201 gallons
Viking Yachts 64 Convertible 18' 11 5' 7 MAN 2,201 gallons
Viking Yachts 62 Convertible 18' 11 5' 2 MTU 1,800 gallons
Viking Yachts 62 Enclosed 18' 11" 5' 2" MTU 1,800 gallons
Viking Yachts 61 Convertible 18' 2 5' 4 MTU 1,800 gallons
Viking Yachts 61 Enclosed Bridge 18' 2" 5' 3" MAN 1,850 gallons
Viking Yachts 60 Convertible 18' 9 5' 1 CAT or MAN 1,620 gallons
Viking Yachts 58 Convertible 17' 9" 5' 0" MTU 1,502 gallons
Viking Yachts 57 Convertible 18' 2" 4' 11" MAN 1,685 gallons
Viking Yachts 56 Convertible 18' 2" 5' MTU 1,501 gallons
Viking Yachts 55 Convertible 17' 9" 5' 1" MAN 1,400 gallons
Viking Yachts 54 Convertible 17' 8" 4' 11" MAN 1,535 gallons
Viking Yachts 54 Open 17' 8 4' 10 MAN 1,486 gallons
Viking Yachts 54 Sport Coupe 17' 8" 4' 10" MAN 1,486 gallons
Viking Yachts 53 Convertible 16' 6" 4' 6" MAN 1,100 gallons
Viking Yachts 52 Convertible 17' 6 4' 11 MAN 1,202 Gallons
Viking Yachts 52 Sport Tower 17' 6 4' 11 MAN 1,202 gallons
Viking Yachts 52 Sport Coupe 17' 6" 4' 11" MAN 1,202 gallons
Viking Yachts 52 Open 17' 6 4' 11 MAN 1,202 Gallons
Viking Yachts 50 Open 16' 4 4' 9 MAN 805 gallons
Viking Yachts 50 Convertible 16' 4" 4' 9" MAN 805 gallons
Viking Yachts 48 Open 17' 4' 7" MAN 1,190 gallons
Viking Yachts 48 Convertible 17' 4' 8" MAN 1,190 gallons
Viking Yachts 48 Sport Coupe 17' 0" 4' 8" MAN 1,215 gallons
Viking Yachts 47 Convertible 15' 5" 4' 4" MAN 700 gallons
Viking Yachts 46 Convertible 16' 6" 4' 5" MAN 1,524 gallons
Viking Yachts 46 Billfish 15' 4" 4' 3" Cummins, MAN or Scania 709 gallons
Viking Yachts 45 Convertible 16' 4" 4' 6" MAN 665 gallons
Viking Yachts 45 Open 16' 4" 4' 6" MAN 848 gallons
Viking Yachts 44 Sport Coupe 16' 4" 4' 5" MAN 817 gallons
Viking Yachts 44 Convertible 16' 4" 4' 0" MAN 825 gallons
Viking Yachts 43 Convertible 15' 3" 4' 3" MAN 585 gallons
Viking Yachts 42 Sport Tower 15' 10" 3' 5" Cummins 525 gallons
Viking Yachts 42 Open 15' 10" 3' 5" Cummins 525 gallons
Viking Yachts 42 Convertible 15' 10" 3' 7" Cummins 525 gallons
Viking Yachts 41 Convertible 14' 8" 4' 2" Caterpillar 380 gallons
Viking Yachts 38 Billfish 14' 3' 4 Cummins 460 gallons
Viking Yachts 38 Open 14' 3' 4 Cummins 460 gallons
Viking Yachts 37 Billfish 13' 10" 2' 8" Cummins 440 gallons