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As the representing dealer for Princess Yachts in the Northeast, SI Yachts is uniquely positioned to help you find the right Princess on or off the market. With factory-trained experts on staff, there is no better company to help you find the perfect new or used Princess Yacht for sale that fits your budget and needs.

More About Princess Yachts

History of Princess Yachts

In 1965 Princess Yachts became established in Plymouth, New England, founded by Ex Naval Officer David King. If you fast forward 50 years to today date, you would come to find out that Princess Yachts has entrenched covering an area of over 1.1 million square feet, an area that is rich in British maritime heritage, where Plymouth played a huge role in the history of this area, M Class Super yachts are constructed in the South Yard which was a former naval yard that dates back to the 17th century. Princess Yachts always had the goal to sculpt their yachts in the best way possible to reach the owners enjoyment. With over 2,300 people, each whom possess their own skill, create this vision in the shipyard. Throughout the culture of innovation, Princess Yachts are the most technically-advanced in the world as well as the most beautifully elegant yachts released. What is interesting about Princess Yachts is that they were not always known as 'Princess Yachts'. In 1996, Viking Sport Cruisers, fondly known in Europe, built their first yacht. In 2010, Viking Sport Cruisers and Princess Yachts announced that beginning with the 2011 model year, all yachts that will be built for North America, Central America and as well as the Caribbean would be known as solely Princess.


Princess Models

V58 Express

The V58 is available in two versions; open or deck saloon. The open model has a full-length cockpit with a sunroof that is perfect for cruising along the Med. As for the deck saloon model, this model is very flexible with an enclosed deck its climate can be controlled or can be opened to the elements via sliding doors and retractable sunroof. The hull windows are substantial, letting the light surge throughout beautifully. The Princess V58 has three guest cabins, two of them are en suites and also has the option to specify an extra cabin toward the stern of the vessel. altogether this V58 model is a ravishing craft that you won’t be able to take your eyes off of.

68 Flybridge Motor Yacht

The princess 68 motor yacht is an astonishing vessel. The flybridge is spacious enough to include room for a large sun pad, twin helm and a wet bar for quick refreshments. The entertaining space in both the cockpit and foredeck are inviting areas to sunbathe. When out at sea, the performance of the Princess 68 motor yacht is exhilarating. With such a light feeling and great responsiveness exceeding 30 knots, the Princess 68 motor yacht is an altogether extraordinary experience.

Stepping inside the Princess 68 Motor Yacht is all the more attractive. The galley layout is placed in the perfect spot to serve the cockpit. Broad areas of windows permit light to flow throughout the salon. the master stateroom has its own private stairwell and lobby and as for the guests, they enjoy a separate stairwell and three class-leading cabins.

V70 Express Yacht

Most say that the Princess V70 is probably the best looking of all of the Princess Yacht models. Sleek lines with a dominating presence describes the Princess V70. She really is top of the line. The Princess V70 has a separate garage specifically for both, a tender and a jet-ski. There are three luxurious cabins, dark wood finishing’s, a large deck saloon and a vast amount of space that this vessel endures is clearly visible. Also, the teak deck side walk that is around the vessel is a generous size with a wide side access door. Aboard is a Williams 325 Turbojet rib, Satellite Television, bow and stern thruster and so much more. The Princess V70 Motor Yacht genuinely is in welcoming condition.

75 Flybridge Motor Yacht

The inventive design of this specific motor yacht, the 75 Flybridge, offers efficient speeds allowing you to plane at lower speeds. The layout provides you with various options to entertain or relax, also includes a walk-through foredeck with U-shaped seating and sunbathing area. As for the flybridge, there is space for free standing furniture or a crane to fit a tender. Natural light flows throughout the main deck with a full-height window on the port side to make the free-standing dining area the perfect place to entertain.

All three guest cabins have their own en suite and all are located on the lower deck while a private staircase leads to the owner’s stateroom in a private lobby.

Princess 95 Motor Yacht

Looking for timelessly beautiful styling and furnishings? The Princess 95 Motor Yacht is the vessel to look at. With a cruising speed of twenty-two knots, this vessel is one for relaxation. The Princess 95’s interior layout is able to sleep up to eight guests within five rooms. These five rooms entail a master suite, one VIP stateroom, one double cabin and two twin cabins. Opposed from guests, the Princess 95 is also capable of carrying up to four crew onboard to ensure a relaxed luxury yacht experience. Opulent seating that is featured throughout the vessel creates an elegant and restful atmosphere.

How to Buy A Princess Yacht

If you’re interested in purchasing a Princess Motor Yacht, a Staten Island Yacht Sales professional can assist you. All employees are trained to identify as many ways as possible to improve your experience when purchasing a Princess Yacht. Being a 100-percent customer-driven business, SI Yachts deliver every time.

How to Sell Your Princess Yacht

SI Yacht Sales has experience and the product knowledge to sell your Princess Motor Yacht. Selecting the right full-service brokerage firm when selling your yacht improves the likelihood of a seamless and timely transaction. Listing your yacht with SI Yachts, you can be certain it is in the hands of dedicated professionals. Over 50 years in business, our devoted Sales Professionals work attentively to provide you with first-class representation.  

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Model Name Beam Draft Engine Fuel Capacity
Princess Yachts 30M 23' 1" 6' 9" MTU 2,684 gallons
Princess Yachts 98MY 23' 2" 6' 1" MTU 2,905 gallons
Princess Yachts Y95 22' 3" 6' 5" MAN 3,650 gallons
Princess Yachts 88MY 20' 9" 5' 7" MTU or CAT 2,219 gallons
Princess Yachts V85 20' 7" 6' 0" CAT 1,585 gallons
Princess Yachts 85 20' 6" 5' 4" CAT 1,850 gallons
Princess Yachts 82MY 18' 10" 5' 11" CAT or MTU 1,701 gallon
Princess Yachts S80 19' 11" 5' 10" MAN 1,717 gallons
Princess Yachts Y80 19' 11" 5' 11" MAN 1,849 gallons
Princess Yachts S78 18' 11 5' 10" MAN 1,585 gallons
Princess Yachts Y78 18' 11 5' 8 MAN 1,585 gallons
Princess Yachts 78 18' 11" 5' 7" CAT 1,500 gallons
Princess Yachts 75MY 18' 11 5' 8 CAT or MAN 1,585 gallons
Princess Yachts Y75 18' 11 5' 8 MAN 1,585 gallons
Princess Yachts S72 17' 2" 5' 8" MAN 1,188 gallons
Princess Yachts V72 17' 8" 3' 6" CAT or MTU 1,162 gallons
Princess Yachts 72MY 18' 5' 5" CAT 1,585 gallons
Princess Yachts F70 -- -- -- --
Princess Yachts 68 Motor Yacht 17' 8" 5' 3" CAT or MAN 1,083 gallons
Princess Yachts V65 16'9 4'9 MANS 902 GAL
Princess Yachts S66 16' 9" 4' 9" MAN 1,083 gallons
Princess Yachts F65 16' 9" 5' 4" MAN 1,083 gallons
Princess Yachts S65 16' 9 5' 5 MAN 1,083 gallons
Princess Yachts 64 Flybridge 16' 7" 4' 10" Volvo or CAT 900 gallons
Princess Yachts V62-S 16' 5" 3' 9" Volvo or CAT 900 gallons
Princess Yachts V62 16' 5 3' 9 CAT or MTU 900 gallons
Princess Yachts 62 16'6" 4' 8" MANS 898 GAL
Princess Yachts 61 Flybridge 16'3 4'4 MANS 790 GAL
Princess Yachts V58 15'4" 4'3" VOLVO 581
Princess Yachts S60 16' 0 4' 10 CAT or MAN 858 gallons
Princess Yachts V60 16' 0 5' 0 MAN 858 gallons
Princess Yachts 58 15'10" 4'2" VOLVO 620 GAL
Princess Yachts 57 Flybridge 15' 11" 4' 3" VOLVO 750
Princess Yachts V57 15' 3" 4' 2" MAN 581 gallons
Princess Yachts V56 14' 8 3' 7 Volvo 583 gallons
Princess Yachts 56MY 15' 6" 4' 3" MAN 582 gallons
Princess Yachts V55 15' 3" 4' 7" Volvo 660 gallons
Princess Yachts F55 16' 0" 4' 11" Volvo 726 gallons
Princess Yachts V53 14' 8" 3' 10" Volvo 583 gallons
Princess Yachts V48 13'6" 3'9" VOLVO 330 GAL
Princess Yachts V50 13' 6" 3' 9" Volvo 350 gallons
Princess Yachts 50 Flybridge 15' 4' 3 CAT or Volvo 660 gallons
Princess Yachts F49 14' 3" 4' 1" Volvo 396 gallons
Princess Yachts 49 Flybridge 14' 3" 4' 2" Volvo 396 gallons
Princess Yachts V46 13'2" 3'4" VOLVO 583 GAL
Princess Yachts V45 13'1" 3'6" VOLVO 220 GAL
Princess Yachts F45 16' 4' 10" Volvo 726 gallons
Princess Yachts 42 13'7 3'7 VOLVO 300 GAL
Princess Yachts 43 Flybridge 14' 0" 3' 9" Volvo or Cummins 360 gallons
Princess Yachts V40 12' 5" 3' 4" Volvo 193 gallons
Princess Yachts 40M 26' 4" 7' 6" MTU 6,455 gallons
Princess Yachts 35M 23' 11 6' 11 MTU 3,959 gallons