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About Pershing Yachts

Pershing Yachts, owned by the Ferretti Group and built in Italy, are missile-like in shape and design which creates both a sleek exterior and athletic performance. Pershings use top quality materials aimed at offering the highest levels of comfort to owners and guests. Let the team at SI Yachts help you evaluate the market and find the right used Pershing Yacht for sale that meets your requirements.

More About Pershing Yachts

History of Pershing Yachts

Pershing Yachts was established in 1985, the same year that the mobile phone was invented, Back to the Future came out and the arrival of the internet. This era was fertile ground for great talents to become exposed. Fausto Filippetti designed a yacht that was as fast as a powerboat but as comfortable and spacious as a motor yacht; this was the Pershing Yacht 45. Just like every other epic success story, it was truly the beginning of a revolution. So many other companies tried to mimic the Pershing Yachts designs, but the only company that had zero desire to copy others plans was Pershing itself. In the early 1990’s the company then expanded to international horizons, breaking into the Mediterranean countries, United States and the Far East. The company, Pershing, joined the Ferretti Group in 1998, this gave the Pershing Yacht company the foundation for enormous growth that only lead to bigger productions for their yachts. This was followed by success after success.

A point of preference, ambassador of beauty and Italian style is what the Pershing Yachts consist of. Pershing Yachts always are ahead of their time with their unique, exquisite designs.  Pershing Yachts have introduced a numerous amount of innovations that are now consolidated concepts such as livable style, impressive speeds and the beautiful and functional designs. A few of the innovations that Pershing Yachts have created is the hydraulic gangway that was developed in collaboration with Besenzoni and adopted for the entire Pershing fleet that started from the very first Pershing model, Pershing 45. Also, the innovative carbon fiber stairs to gain access to the sundeck, this was introduced on the Pershing 74 and the Pershing 82.


Pershing Models

Pershing 108

Over 100 feet long, the Pershing Yacht 108 is deemed a mega yacht. Wooden accents line the decks and pathways that give this yacht a particular look and feel. With three crew rooms, one master suite and two guest rooms, this yacht has plenty of space. The launching system has simple controls for easy maneuvering, giving you the chance to explore smaller inlets without having to be in tow.

Pershing 90

A huge step forward for the Italian shipyard was the Pershing Yacht 90. This particular model represented a new definition of a mega yacht due to its success in encapsulating highly innovative elements in such a captivating and revolutionary personality. There is a full bar in the salon, and a lower media room. Although the overall layout balances the internal and the external look, it also succeeded in offering many private spaces thus making the yacht feel so much larger. There is a dining area in the stern, along with a sunbathing pod. A private bow dining area as well, this is something you don’t see every day. Also, the lowering stern swim platform is spacious and comfortable. The performance that the Pershing Yacht 90 gives off is amazing. Twin 2,435 HP MTU diesels power the custom 16L ASD Arneson surface drive, this pushes the yacht to a top speed of 45 knots and a cruising speed at 38 knots!

Pershing 76

An 18 –foot beam and an overall length of 76-feet describes the Pershing Yacht 76. This particular model has a ZF gearbox, ASD 15 Arneson drives, and 1,506 gallons of storage capacity for diesel fuel. We can’t forget about the heavy-duty silencers to quiet down the noise of the engine exhaust. The Pershing 76 rides like a dream. The interior features a beautiful teal cockpit, along with six cabins and seven births. The master stateroom offers a queen berth, walk in closet and a seating area. Some other amenities aboard the Pershing 76 include an L-shaped dinette, dining table, three kitchen sinks, plenty of counter space and a full-sized refrigerator!

Pershing 64

If you are looking for an impressive cruiser yacht, the Pershing Yacht 64 is calling your name. With two 1,550 HP MAN V12 diesel inboard motors, this yacht was made for cruising the open waters. The 16.5-foot beam leaves room for an open floor plan. A beautifully constructed galley, great size master suite and the luxurious leather and huge windows that surround the vessel, gives the Pershing 64 an elegant and sophisticated look. No matter what your weekend looks like, a fishing trip with friends or a romantic getaway weekend, this yacht accommodates to any excursion.

How to buy a Pershing Yacht

If you’re interested in purchasing a Pershing Yacht, a Staten Island Yacht Sales professional can assist you in your buying needs. All employees are trained to identify as many ways as possible to improve your experience when purchasing a Pershing Yacht. Being a 100-percent customer driven business, SI Yachts delivers every time.

How to Sell Your Pershing Yacht

Staten Island Yacht Sales has experience and the product knowledge to sell your Pershing Yacht. Selecting the right full service brokerage firm when selling your yacht improves the likelihood of a seamless and timely transaction. Listing your Pershing Yacht with SI Yachts, you can be certain it is in the hands of dedicated professionals. Over 50 years in business, our devoted Sales Professionals work attentively to provide you with first class representation.

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Model Name Beam Draft Engine Fuel Capacity
Pershing Yachts 9X -- -- -- --
Pershing Yachts 92 -- -- -- --
Pershing Yachts 90 -- -- -- --
Pershing Yachts 88 -- -- -- --
Pershing Yachts 8X -- -- -- --
Pershing Yachts 82 -- -- -- --
Pershing Yachts GTX80 19' 6' 3" Volvo 1,347 gallons
Pershing Yachts 72 -- -- -- --
Pershing Yachts 70 -- -- -- --
Pershing Yachts 7X -- -- -- --
Pershing Yachts 64 -- -- -- --
Pershing Yachts 6X -- -- -- --
Pershing Yachts 62 -- -- -- --
Pershing Yachts 56 -- -- -- --
Pershing Yachts 5X -- -- -- --
Pershing Yachts 52 -- -- -- --
Pershing Yachts 50 -- -- -- --
Pershing Yachts 46 -- -- -- --
Pershing Yachts 45 -- -- -- --
Pershing Yachts 37 -- -- -- --
Pershing Yachts 140 -- -- -- --
Pershing Yachts GTX116 -- -- -- --
Pershing Yachts 115 -- -- -- --
Pershing Yachts 108 -- -- -- --