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About Outer Reef Yachts

Outer Reef Yachts have been one of America’s leading manufacturers of offshore motor yachts and ocean-going trawlers since they were founded in 1996 by Long Island-based CEO Jeff Drueck. Outer Reef Yachts are famed for their sturdy design and classic style and the company now sells five distinct models ranging in length from 55 to 115 feet.

More About Outer Reef Yachts

The founding of Outer Reef Yachts in 1996 was the culmination of Jeff Drueck’s life-long love-affair with boating. In his younger days, Drueck was a self-employed fisherman working the richly stocked waters of Long Island Sound, where he developed a deep and intuitive understanding of life at sea. Drueck then went one step further, joining the United States Merchant Marines to master the piloting and maneuvering of larger commercial vessels in a variety of challenging conditions. Drueck’s first step into the world of business, however, came back on dry land, when he established a luxury property building firm in the salubrious East Hamptons. By the late 90s Drueck felt compelled to combine his talents for construction and seafaring and built a cruising yacht for his own personal use. This project did not go unnoticed, and before too long Drueck was receiving orders to custom build boats for private clients across the Eastern Seaboard.

At this point Drueck knew he would have to expand operations to fulfil his order book, and so in 2001 he partnered with the experienced Taiwanese boatyard Tania Yacht Company, based in Kaoshiung, for the construction of his yachts. Since then Outer Reef has focused on rugged and durable long-distance cruising yachts capable of withstanding turbulent seas and navigating tricky passages. Owners of Outer Reef’s blue-water yachts have traversed the Atlantic, rounded the Cape Horn and explored the inlets of Alaska, though many are just as happy taking their Outer Reef out to Nantucket for the day.

Built with cruising in mind, it is no wonder that Outer Reef Yachts are some of the safest and most reliable vessels around. All Outer Reef vessels are designed to Ocean Category A standards, capable of withstanding winds in excess of 40 knots and waves of 18 feet. Hulls are constructed out of hand-laid fibreglass with vacuum bag infusion, with a gelcoat-finished PVC core sandwich added above the waterline. ABT stabilizers are fitted across the Outer Reef range, and next-generation soundproofing ensures that your ride across the oceans will be as smooth and quiet as can be. Athwartship furniture, meanwhile, is tabbed directly to the core with fibreglass to increase structural stability, while a Portuguese bridge reduces spray in testing conditions. Only the finest and most durable materials are used on deck, such as teak cladding and floorboards, and weather-resistant stainless steel for railings. Transom doors to the interior are, of course, watertight, while engine space is walk-around for ease of accessibility. Recent years have also seen a new collaboration with naval design firm Setzer Yacht Architects to produce Outer Reef’s new luxury Explorer series of yachts, demonstrating that this company can deliver a finished product that combines robust engineering, impeccable style and lavish comfort.

Today Outer Reef offers five different models of yacht, in the Classic X, Classic M, Classic S, Trident and Explorer lines, and have delivered over 100 yachts to buyer since the turn of the century. Though each model offers a different level of size and amenity, buyers can rest assured that all Outer Reef yachts are capable of long-distance cruising. The company is also well renowned for their superb after-care, with the customer service team always on hand to resolve problems and offer guidance to buyers. Outer Reef staff have been known to drop everything to come to the aid of customers long after their warranty has expired. It is perhaps for this reason, and the durable build of their yachts, that Outer Reef vessels are always in high demand. In fact some used yachts from this firm only appreciate in value, fetching higher prices after years of service than they did as a new product. It is no wonder then that Outer Reef Yachts have been showered with awards from industry insiders, including the prize for “Best Trawler Yacht” at the 2014 Motor Boat Awards held in London, England. Today the company operates from a corporate HQ in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with a number of offices and affiliates located through the U.S., Europe and the Middle East.

Outer Reef 700 Classic M

This 71-foot-long trawler yacht is Outer Reef’s most popular model, and perfect for dedicated ocean cruising owner-operators. Though built for stability and safety while out at sea, the 700 can still reach top speeds of over 14 knots thanks to twin John Deere or Caterpillar engines. More to the point, the vessel has a nautical range of 3,000 miles and fuel storage of 2,350 gallons, enough to set you up at sea for weeks on end. Deck space is open plan, with a sheltered aft-deck and swimming platform at the rear flowing freely towards a spacious, teak-lined lounge and pilot house. Three luxurious state rooms below deck including a full-beam berth, are complemented by a further guest cabin and a private suite for crew.

Outer Reef 115 Explorer

A new concept from Outer Reef, the 115 Explorer is a triple-deck, 117-foot-long vessel with a displacement of 177 metric tons. So, what do new owners get for this increased level of size? First, extra accommodation, including a main-deck master stateroom, four further staterooms below deck and two en suite crew quarters for a total guest occupancy of 12. There is also room for three sundecks to rear, including one on the skybridge, as well as lower swimming platform for when relaxing in those calmer, warmer waters. Interior space also includes a full galley kitchen with granite countertops, a satin-finished teak-lined dining room, an upper deck lounge and space for a jacuzzi on the skybridge. Three ABT Trac stabilizers ensure that this is as smooth a ride as any Outer Reef yacht, while twin Caterpillar diesel engines deliver a powerful horsepower of 1300.

Outer Reef 620 Trident

A compact yacht with a modern styling, the Trident range of vessels were designed by Outer Reef in collaboration with Setzer Yacht Architects for that “updated classic” aesthetic. At 62 feet in length and with three below-deck staterooms there is more than enough room for multi-day trips out to sea, while an open flybridge, swimming platform and semi-sheltered aft deck provide plenty of al fresco entertaining space. This model immediately stands out from the crowd due to the custom paint finish on its hull, coming in a range of tones from Turquoise to Imperial Sand.

Outer Reef 860 Deluxebridge Skylounge Classic X

An 87-foot-long ocean trawler, this is the ultimate long-range yacht for the more adventurous buyer. An enclosed, climate controlled upper helm station marks this out as an all-weather cruiser capable of voyaging through the hardiest conditions out at sea. The main deck, meanwhile, is crafted to be a spacious, open plan saloon with room for a full kitchen, dining room, wet bar and lounge with L-shaped sofas. Below deck there is accommodation for 10 across 4 guest suites and 2 crew cabins. Twin John Deere engines, ABT hydraulic thrusters to bow and stern and Northern Lights generators ensure that this yacht can cruise at speeds of up to 20 knots across a range of 3,000 nautical miles.

How to Buy an Outer Reef Yacht

If you’re interested in purchasing an Outer Reef yacht, a Staten Island Yacht Sales professional can assist you in your buying needs. All employees are trained to identify as many ways as possible to improve your experience when purchasing an Outer Reef yacht. As a 100-percent customer-driven business, SI Yachts delivers every time.

How to Sell Your Outer Reef Yacht

Staten Island Yacht Sales has the experience and the product knowledge to sell your Outer Reef yacht. Selecting the right full-service brokerage firm when selling your yacht improves the likelihood of a seamless and timely transaction. Listing your Outer Reef with SI Yachts, you can be certain it is in the hands of dedicated professionals. Over 50 years in business, our devoted Sales Professionals work attentively to provide you with first class representation.

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