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About MJM Yachts

MJM Yachts have an unmistakable bow flare  and design reminiscent of the old-style Lobster Boats born in Maine. Built with the highest quality materials and advanced construction techniques, MJM offers exhilarating performance whether inboard or outboard engines and exceptional fuel efficiency. Let SI Yachts help you find the perfect used MJM Yacht that fits your requirements.

More About MJM Yachts

History of MJM Yachts

Bob Johnstone founded MJM Yachts in 2002, he who also co-founded J Boats, Inc., the world’s leading brand of performance sailboats. For MJM Yachts, beauty was their number one goal. They sought out a designer with the best eye for the job, Doug Zurn. Once in contact with Doug Zurn, a month later, MJM Yachts had a signature look that was born. Boston Boat Works became MJM Yachts, yacht builder after no powerboat builder was able to be identified with the high-tech experience they were searching for. Boston Boat Works is a sail boat master builder. The positives about hiring Scott Smith and Mark Lindsey from Boston Boat Works is that being sailors, they have developed an appreciation for and sensitivity to the elements that many power boaters never do, and this passion shows in their build work. A huge key performance is all about minimizing weight. Weight is the largest factor for influencing efficiency in a planning powerboat. Boston Boat Works builders for MJM Yachts uses prepreg epoxy vacuum-bagged laminates, this is the best way to eliminate any unwanted weight while still maintaining adequate strength and stiffness for the hull structure. When Bob Johnstone teamed up with the builders for Boston Boat Works, it was the best decision for MJM Yachts. With the strongest construction for the amount of weight, these yachts are works of art. Throughout the whole process from an image in their heads, to being drawn on paper and then building the yacht to life, MJM Yachts is a spectacular yacht brand that everyone should head out to the Boston Waterfront and check out what this gifted team of designers and builders can do.

MJM Models


Are you searching for a yacht with a timeless design, but up-to-date technologies? If so, the MJM Yacht 50Z is your stop. With the latest stabilizing technologies and innovative layout, this vessel is seaworthiness. There is a flush deck layout from the cockpit to the help, eliminating many ups and downs when boarding. This MHM Yacht 50Z draws in compliments when entering the harbor. Doug Zurn was the chosen design for this yacht because the design came with a long lasting design style, not a “here today and gone tomorrow” style. Doug Zurn was the best man for the design job because he had the eye for this yacht and he has even created the Shelter Island 38 for singer, Billy Joel. This 50Z yacht has such a sleek profile, advanced stability, less windage and it is easier for trucking overland. Don’t miss out on this timeless but advanced yacht, it’s the perfect mixture.


The new MJM Yacht 43Z, created in 2018, offers the utmost comfort and high tech designs with sporty handling such as enhanced speed and shoal water versatility of outboard power. The launch of this particular vessel, MJM Yacht 43Z, represents the most advance level of a new and rapidly growing category of boat, the Outboard Express Cruiser. Any boater will love the technology this yacht carries and able to control the triple 350’s with a joystick! Like all of MJM Yachts, the 43Z is well and functionally outfitted. The deck finishes are kept to hose-and-go simple. Warm stylings and elegant finishes, add nothing to maintenance requirements but all to style. Below deck, the great sized working galley is perfect for life onboard, as well as a huge comfortable berth for two and a head with a separate shower. If you haven’t seen the 43Z yet, you ought to, you won’t look for another yacht anywhere else!


The MJM Yacht 40Z was created to be a game changer. With eco-smart technologies and advanced composites this boat has it all, especially with the innovative layout and excellent handling. For even more gracious living aboard is the flush deck from the cockpit to the helm, combined with side boarding doors at a floating dock height, no more going up and down stairs opposed to other yachts. There is a large deck for entertaining with a fully open front windshield and panoramic sightlines. The galley includes a dinette which becomes the real eye opener in terms of space for utilization of storage.


Unlike many other brands, MJM Yachts has brought to the ocean and yachting industry what other brands have sought to achieve; a combination of performance as well as comfortability. Cruising at 35 knots with twin 300’s makes for this yacht to be fuel efficient. The shape of the hull is able to gain stability with the faster it goes. Along with 300 horse power outboards, the 35Z is also equipped with joystick docking, GPS station, autopilot and engine auto-trim. The layout of this particular vessel has been praised as amazing by Kevin Falvey, the editor of Boating Magazine. With that being said, this yacht will not let you down.

How to buy a MJM Yacht

If you’re interested in purchasing a MJM Yacht, a Staten Island Yacht Sales professional can assist you in your buying needs. All employees are trained to identify as many ways as possible to improve your experience when purchasing a MJM Yacht. Being a 100-percent customer driven business, SI Yachts delivers every time.

How to Sell Your MJM Yacht

Staten Island Yacht Sales has experience and the product knowledge to sell your MJM Yacht. Selecting the right full service brokerage firm when selling your yacht improves the likelihood of a seamless and timely transaction. Listing your MJM Yacht with SI Yachts, you can be certain it is in the hands of dedicated professionals. Over 50 years in business, our devoted Sales Professionals work attentively to provide you with first class representation.

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