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About Lurssen Yachts

One of the world’s most legendary custom-yacht builders, Lurssen has been pushing the boundaries of what is possible ever since the company was founded in Bremen, Germany back in 1875. Still owned by the same family today, Lurssen builds all their vessels from self-owned shipyards in Germany. Lurssen has produced some of the most prized and famous yachts ever built, from the world’s first speedboats in the nineteenth century to the construction of the world’s 10 largest megayachts in recent history. Lurssen’s colossal reputation is well-deserved.

More About Lurssen Yachts

The Lurssen family had already been building boats for some time when 24-year-old Friedrich Lurssen established his shipyard in 1875. Located in Aumund, Germany close to the thriving Hanseatic port city of Bremen, Friedrich’s factory initially began making small, wooden hulled boats for the local fishing and ferry industry. It was in 1886, however, that Friedrich made the decision that would change the Lurssen family fortunes forever. He decided to build sport boats, partnering with Gottlieb Daimler to fit one of the world-famous inventor’s new engines to a boat of his own design. This boat, the REMS, became the first motorboat in history and utterly revolutionized the naval industry. By 1905, Lurssen was building the fastest speedboats on the planet, including the 34-knot Donnerwetter, while in 1911 the firm launched vessels that swept to victory at the Monte Carlo Grand Prix.

Due to the firm’s staggering early success it took Lurssen only 50 years to launch 10,000 vessels from its yards in northern Germany. Ownership changed with the passing of Fredrich, with son Otto, daughter-in-law Frieda, and grandchildren Gert and Fritz-Otto all taking turns to manage the company. It was in the post-war era that Lurssen started making waves in the luxury yacht market, with a 180-foot superyacht, enormous for its time, launching as early as 1962. The firm was firmly established as the world’s seminal provider of superyachts in 1971 when the company teamed up with cutting-edge naval designer Jon Bannenberg to build the 233-foot-long Carinthia VI, one of the most iconic vessels ever launched. The boat hit new heights in terms of amenity and luxury, with a classic and graceful design that is still emulated by builders to this day.

In the 1980s, with the firm’s order books close to bursting, Lurssen decided to split their divisions into separate companies. One half continued to build for the world’s navies and commercial operators, while the other concentrated on the development of private yachts. It is around this time that Peter Lurssen, the fourth generation of the family to work at the firm and current CEO, joined the company. Three huge new shipyards in northern Germany were acquired to enable the firm to build even bigger yachts, an ambition realized in amazing fashion with the launch of the 318-foot long megayacht, Limitless, in 1997. And Lurssen has not stopped there. Year on year the company keeps breaking records and setting a pace for flair and innovation that leaves other yacht yards struggling to keep up. 2015 saw the delivery of the world’s longest yacht, the Azzam, to the Emir of Abu Dhabi. This was followed just one year later by the launch of the world’s largest yacht by gross tonnage, the Dilbar.

Lurssen Yachts has built 12 of the world’s 20 largest yachts, crafted by the firm’s 1635 employees across 8 different shipyards in Germany. The company looks set to continue dominating the high-end yacht market in the future, with the bold 2018 acquisition of rival shipyard Blohm+Voss, a move that is sure to catapult the firm to even greater heights. Nor has Lurssen ever compromised its core beliefs in the quality of innovation and finish that have always marked their boats out as special. To this day the company is 100% family-owned and operated, while recent shifts towards sustainability, including a major partnership with the Blue Marine Foundation, have established the firm as one of the greenest yacht builders around.

The Rising Sun

Designed by Jon Bannenberg, launched in 2004 and over 452 feet long, the Rising Sun is one of the most exceptional yachts ever built. Delivered to American tech magnate Larry Ellison and now owned by music and media mogul David Geffen, the yacht immediately made headlines for its lavish on-board amenities. Large enough for a gym, a basketball court, wine cellar, movie theater and more, the yacht boasts an incredible 82 rooms. Despite the size, the yacht zips along the water at a quick 29 knots thanks to four MTU diesel engines, while a steel hull provides next-level durability and safety. Across the years the Rising Sun has hosted many luminaries from across the world of entertainment, such as Sir Paul McCartney, Steven Spielberg, and Oprah Winfrey.


Built for American philanthropist Jody Allen in 2003, the Octopus is one of Lurssen’s most stylish and well-equipped yachts, and a testament to the firm’s German engineering prowess. 414 feet in length, the Octopus boasts space for two helipads, a luxury spa, library, basketball court as well as several bars, dining rooms and salons. The boat has unparalleled garage space for plenty of tenders, jet skis and even a submarine and remotely operated underwater vessel. It is perhaps due to the facilities on board the Octopus that the yacht has been used for research trips to Antarctica, rescue missions for the British Navy and reconnaissance projects for Google Earth to the depths of the Pacific. Interior designs, meanwhile, were completed by Jonathan Quinn Barnett, to an incredibly sumptuous standard. The yacht was put back on the market in 2019, and is sure to be eyed up by the world’s richest yacht owners.


The longest yacht in the world, the 590-foot Azzam was launched in 2013 for the Emir of Abu Dhabi, and is just as regal as its owner. The yacht’s sleek and timeless white design stands out like a faceted gemstone on the high seas, while lavish interiors courtesy of Christophe Leone are bold and minimalist in tone. With more than 50 suites, a 95-foot-long main salon and 6 rear sundecks this yacht offers the sort of space that would more commonly be associated with cruise ships, yet with the attention to detail and luxury that are hallmarks of Lurssen. The yacht can reach a top speed of almost 32 knots, a phenomenal achievement for a vessel of its size, thanks to twin diesel engines and two gas turbines that collectively produce some 47,000 horsepower.

Carinthia VII

Inspired by Lurssen’s groundbreaking Carinthia VI, launched in 1971, this yacht from 2002 caught the eye with its timeless, classic design and bold, navy blue hull. Almost 320 feet long, the yacht is owned by Austrian billionaire Heidi Horten and can often be seen traversing the Greek Islands, at anchor in the Venetian Lagoon, or gliding along the coast of the Cote D’Azur.

How to Buy a Lurssen Yacht

If you’re interested in purchasing a Lurssen yacht, a Staten Island Yacht Sales professional can assist you in your buying needs. All employees are trained to identify as many ways as possible to improve your experience when purchasing a Lurssen yacht. As a 100-percent customer-driven business, SI Yachts delivers every time.

How to Sell Your Lurssen Yacht

Staten Island Yacht Sales has the experience and the product knowledge to sell your Lurssen yacht. Selecting the right full-service brokerage firm when selling your yacht improves the likelihood of a seamless and timely transaction. Listing your Lurssen with SI Yachts, you can be certain it is in the hands of dedicated professionals. Over 50 years in business, our devoted Sales Professionals work attentively to provide you with first class representation.

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