Used Intrepid Boats For Sale

About Intrepid Boats

Intrepid Boats have solidifed themselves as one of the top luxury center-console yacht manufacturers in the world. From the high-end composite materials used in every hull to the customization options each new owner may request, the experience of owning an Intrepid fer exceeds that of most boats in its class. With lots of used Intrepid Boats on the market today, let an SI Yachts Sales Professional help you through the process.

More About Intrepid Boats

SI Yacht Sales has many manufacturers in our extensive sales repertoire that make us your number one brokerage firm. Intrepid boats are certainly up on that list of value-filled boats. SI Yacht Sales has listed and successfully found new homes for a number of Intrepids and yours could be next.

Have an Intrepid to sell?

Being a successful business for over 50 years, SIYS has accumulated a vast network of clients who are always looking for that next boat to hit the market. Our sales staff has a historic number of years of combined experience who will make the process of letting your boat go to a new home as effortless as possible for you.

Looking for a used Intrepid?

Having a relationship with most of the brokerage firms nationally and access to the international market, we pride ourselves on being able to help you find the boat you are looking for and an Intrepid is no different. Let us do the work to find that Intrepid you will be overjoyed with, every time you see her.

About Intrepid

As intrepid says “From the moment you decide to own an Intrepid, you will enter a world of collaborative design, precision construction and customization and one of the most coveted and legendary customer service programs on land or sea.” The Intrepid difference is in the customization process. Every boater is unique therefore their boat should reflect that individuality.

History of Intrepid

At the start in 1983, Intrepid decided to make a commitment to all owners. That commitment was to make sure they know they are in the industries most advanced design. You are involved in every step of designing your very own Intrepid. With that being said, improvements are made daily to all aspects of the customization process.

475 Panacea

Versatility is the most sought-after element in the world of boat building and the versatility you will find in the 475 Panacea is second to none. The fishability coupled with the exquisite craftsmanship and fantastic ride provide that versatility everyone is after. Enjoy a day out at the canyon, fishing for tuna and return to the dock for an evening cruise with the more sophisticated passengers. 

430 Sport Yacht

Imagine every option you’ve seen on a luxury yacht that you like; now combine the options you have seen on a sporty yacht. The end result, your dream yacht with outboards on a super sleek hull. The 430 Sport Yacht with her stepped hull gives you the option to get up and go or to enjoy a slow cruise with relatively no rocking all while turning the heads of your on looking peers. She truly is one of a kind from top to bottom and bow to stern.

407 Cuddy

It is difficult to find something on the 407 Cuddy that you won’t enjoy regardless of what you are  looking to do out on the water. The cruising boater looking for that luxury cruiser will notice the high-end seats and beautiful Cuddy cabin below complete with a dinette and the sleeping arrangements with a separate master berth is complete with a stall shower.  For the more avid fisherman who runs offshore for the big fish, the 407 Cuddy has an incomparably smooth and dry ride which is an imperative feature along with it’s live wells and rod storage which are found throughout this boat.

375 Walk Around

Wherever you decide to take your beautiful 375 Walk Around, you will catch more than a glance from all of the onlookers checking out the sleek, stylish walk around cuddy cabin. Yes, it does in fact combine low profile living quarters you’ll find in a cuddy with the ease of access typically found on a walk-around. The overdramatic hard top would look too large on most boats of this size but it fits the appearance and purpose of the 375 WA. As with all of the models in the extensive lineup of Intrepid Yachts, the stepped hull provides that unrivaled smooth and dry ride we have all come to love and expect.


If the intrepid line is as alluring as it is wildly possible, stop by one of our full-service locations and speak with a Yacht Specialist at Staten Island Yacht Sales’ to discuss finding one of these customized Intrepid Yachts. We can assure that you will not be disappointed in your unmatched experience with SI Yachts professional organization.


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