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About Horizon Yachts

One of the world’s largest yacht builders, and 13-time winner of the “Best Asian Yacht Builder” at the Asia Boating Awards, Horizon Yachts can date its illustrious history back to 1987. Originally founded by friends John Lu, Gong Shan Chiai and Chen Shun Hui in the yacht-building mecca of Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Horizon Yachts creates dream yachts for buyers all over the world. Renowned for their sophisticated craftsmanship, unrivalled ambition and peerless innovation, Horizon’s success has seen the firm branch out into the related fields of marina development, craft maintenance and precision engineering for a fully comprehensive client service.

More About Horizon Yachts

The Horizon group has led the way in the design of yachts since the 1980s under the leadership of trained naval architect John Lu. Lu’s childhood passion for boats and maritime endeavours led him to the National Taiwan Ocean University, where he graduated with a degree in Naval Architecture. After a successful period working in the shipyards of Kaohsiung Lu decided it was time to launch his own company, and, with his business partners fully on board, established Horizon.

Originally focused on the delivery of yachts measuring under 50 feet to a discerning North American clientele, the firm shifted towards the manufacture of even larger vessels in the 1990s and expanded their client base to serve customers in Asia and Europe. By the turn of the century business was booming enough for the company to establish separate subsidiaries focusing on composite construction, vacuum molding and marina management as well as a secondary shipyard. The enabled Horizon Yachts to put its 1,200 employees to work in the construction of some of the world’s most impressive yachts, including a number well in excess of 130 feet in length. In the present day, the company facilities cover over 1.2 million square feet of advanced manufacturing, research and design space, with output that has catapulted Horizon to become the world’s fifth largest builder of custom yachts. In fact Horizon is now so dominant in its home country that the firm accounts for over one third of Taiwan’s total yachting exports, and is the first, and so far the only, member of the Superyacht Builders Association (SYBAss) from the Far East.

Horizon currently produces 8 distinct models of yacht, each with their own unique appeal. From the PC Series of cruising catamarans to the 150-foot steel-hulled EP series luxury yacht, there is plenty on the market for the discerning yacht buyer. Horizon also works with a range of design collaborators to ensure that each yacht to leave their facility is a highly personalised product reflecting the buyer’s personality. The exterior and superstructure design of many Horizon yachts has been crafted in partnership with naval architects such as Angelo Lavranos, John Lindblom and others, while interior décor has benefited from the artful contributions by designers like Luca Dini and Tommaso Spadolini. Since its start in 1987, Horizon has launched hundreds of yachts, and this successful track record looks set to continue into the future.

Horizon’s yachts are widely considered to be some of the most luxurious on the planet. It is always a special occasion when a Horizon yacht glides into marinas worldwide, such as the 2011 debut of the CC110 Lady Gaga yacht, one of the company’s most memorable launches. Designed in collaboration with Donald L. Blount, the yacht has wide deck space with a nightclub feel and spa pool, a radically modern exterior with vertical window lines, and living spaces boasting glazed marble floors and a tai-chi inspired Swarovski chandelier. All this and more is available to buyers of a Horizon Yacht, as the firm is known for fulfilling any request for customization, no matter how lavish.

Horizon FD125

Looking as sleek and as sharp as a sling-blade as it cuts across the water with its ergonomic, tapered hull, Horizon’s newest model, the FD 125, is a yacht that captures the essence of naval modernity. Conceived in partnership with world renowned designer Cor D. Rover, this 125-foot vessel is as gorgeous on the inside as its exterior is striking. Extra-wide double salons, a deluxe on-deck master stateroom, spacious galley and a fly-deck with views to die for can all be fitted to your own requirements, while wrap-around, floor-to-ceiling windows will fill your interior space with light. Externally there is a triple-tier beach club with spa pool at the aft deck, while below deck there is accommodation space for up to 22 guests, making this is perfect entertaining yacht. Powered by dual Caterpillar C32A engines and twin Onan generators, this yacht will keep up with the best.

Horizon PC60

A new concept from Horizon, the PC60 is a cruising catamaran-style yacht 60 feet in length that boasts an increased bow size of some 25 feet to create the sort of ample interior space that one would usually only expect from a much larger vessel. The internal arrangements benefit from this extra space, with the main stateroom at the front of the main deck for commanding views out of angled windows towards the sea. A spacious salon also on the main deck is large enough for formal dining area and entertaining space with a deluxe L-shaped sofa. Two more en-suite cabins below deck provide a total accommodation for 6 to 8 guests. Performance is another plus when considering a catamaran. Dual hulls provide unmatched stability while a Cummins engine fires the catamaran to speeds of up to 22 knots.

Horizon EP150

One of the largest yachts that Horizon currently offers, the EP150 combines the rugged capacity and durability of an expedition yacht with the style and elegance of a luxury pleasure yacht. Measuring 148 feet in length, equipped with a bulbous bow and optimised steel hull, the EP150 provide you with a smooth and stable voyage wherever you choose to go. Recognised at the 2013 Taiwan Excellence awards as the “Yacht of the Year”, the vessel features a subdued yet luxurious interior and a superstructure designed by J.C. Espinosa.

Horizon V80

An updated classic, the Horizon V80 is the dream yacht for any fisher, diver or watersports fan. A fishing cockpit is central to this yacht’s many charms, and storage includes dedicated space for tackle, rod holders and an illuminated baitwell. The V80’s responsiveness in the water, ABT stabilizers and relatively lightweight displacement will also appeal to anglers who require a nimble craft. Caterpillar engines with top speeds of around 25 knots ensure this yacht can keep up with the speediest marlins. A spacious aft deck provides room for friends and family to gather, while a generously proportioned swimming platform provides the perfect launch pad for a few strokes in the ocean.

How to Buy a Horizon Yacht

If you’re interested in purchasing a Horizon yacht, a Staten Island Yacht Sales professional can assist you in your buying needs. All employees are trained to identify as many ways as possible to improve your experience when purchasing a Horizon yacht. As a 100-percent customer-driven business, SI Yachts delivers every time.

How to Sell Your Horizon Yacht

Staten Island Yacht Sales has the experience and the product knowledge to sell your Horizon yacht. Selecting the right full-service brokerage firm when selling your yacht improves the likelihood of a seamless and timely transaction. Listing your Horizon with SI Yachts, you can be certain it is in the hands of dedicated professionals. Over 50 years in business, our devoted Sales Professionals work attentively to provide you with first class representation.

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Model Name Beam Draft Engine Fuel Capacity
Horizon Yachts E98 23' 5' 9" CAT 4,500 gallons
Horizon Yachts 94 Widebody 21' 5" 6' 6" CAT 3,000 gallons
Horizon Yachts E90 21' 5' 5" CAT 2,700 gallons
Horizon Yachts FD90 23' 3" 6' CAT 3,480 gallons
Horizon Yachts FD87 23' 3" 5' 5" MTU 3,480 gallons
Horizon Yachts FD85 23' 4" 5' 9" MAN 3,480 gallons
Horizon Yachts E84 20' 0" 5' 10" CAT 2,250 gallons
Horizon Yachts V80 20' 6" 5' 9" CAT 1,400 gallons
Horizon Yachts FD80 22' 6 5' 7 CAT 2,700 gallons
Horizon Yachts CC80 27' 3 5' CAT 3,600 gallons
Horizon Yachts E78 18' 9" 5' 8" CAT 1,849 gallons
Horizon Yachts EP77 21' 8" 6' 3" CAT 4,755 gallons
Horizon Yachts FD75 20' 4 5' 8 CAT 2,400 gallons
Horizon Yachts E75 18' 6" 5' 9" CAT 1,720 gallons
Horizon Yachts PC74 28' 3" 6' CAT 2,000 gallons
Horizon Yachts Vision 74 20' 6" 5' 8" CAT 1,680 gallons
Horizon Yachts V72 20' 6 5' 2 CAT 1,400 gallons
Horizon Yachts E70 19' 6" 5' 0" CAT 1,200 gallons
Horizon Yachts EP69 20' 5' 7" CAT 2,360 gallons
Horizon Yachts V68 19' 5 5' 7 CAT 1,200 gallons
Horizon Yachts PC65 24' 6" 5' 3" CAT 1,500 gallons
Horizon Yachts Elegance 64 16' 3" 4' 5" CAT 900 gallons
Horizon Yachts PC60 24' 6 4' 9 Cummins 1,000 gallons
Horizon Yachts E56XO 15' 9 4' 5 Volvo 660 gallons
Horizon Yachts E54 15' 9 4' 2 Volvo 528 gallons
Horizon Yachts PC52 22' 4' 3 Cummins 800 gallons
Horizon Yachts 52 Tournament 17' 2" 5' 4" CAT 1,056 gallons
Horizon Yachts SC46 16' 5" 4' NA NA
Horizon Yachts EP150 29' 4 9' 2 MTU 17,100 gallons
Horizon Yachts CC115 25' 5' 9" CAT 5,550 gallons
Horizon Yachts P110 23' 6" 6' 3" CAT 4,200 gallons
Horizon Yachts RP110 25' 5' 11 CAT 5,550 gallons
Horizon EP110 25' 4 7' 7 MAN 9,510 gallons
Horizon Yachts FD100 23' 9" 6' 2" CAT 4,000 gallons
Horizon Yachts RP100 21' 6" 5' 10" CAT 3,000 gallons
Horizon Yachts E100 23' 2" 6' CAT 17,000 lbs.