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About Hatteras Yachts

Hatteras Yachts is one of the most iconic yacht builders of sportfishing boats and luxury cruisers in the United States. In 2021, the Hatteras brand was purchased by White River Marine Group, an affiliate of Bass Pro Shops. The New Bern, North Carolina based shipyard is responsible for producing models like the GT65 Carolina, GT54, and the M98 Panacera.

Whether you are looking for a tournament-ready sportfish or a luxury motor yacht with a flybridge, SI Yachts has the expertise to help you find the pre-owned Hatteras Yacht that fits your needs.

More About Hatteras Yachts

Hatteras Yachts set their voyage in 1959 on the shores of North Carolina. Hatteras has set standards for ruggedness and high performance in all waters since the start with their solid fiberglass hull bottom and the only yacht brand to warrant its hull for five years. Hatteras Yachts build, market and service luxury production sportfishing and motor yachts through a worldwide network of builders.

On March 22, 1960 in High Point, North Carolina, Hatteras produced its first sportfishing yacht, a 41-foot convertible yacht named Knit Wits. Hatteras Yachts became a legend. To this day, Knit Wits, is still in service. After the Yachting Industry demanding bigger boats, the Hatteras sportfishing fleet expanded to 50-foot boats and to today’s date they are up to 101-foot convertibles. Hatteras also began designing as well as producing a whole line of cruising yachts that range from 56 up to 105-feet in length.

In 1967, Hatteras added a second manufacturing facility in New Bern, North Carolina. The original facility was closed after 30 years and all manufacturing was stabilized at the 95-acre waterfront site in New Bern, where they still operate today. Hatteras Yachts then wanted to develop a series of convertibles; sportfishing yachts. Sportfishing yachts, compatible of fishing tournaments as well as carrying owners and guests in comfort while on an offshore excursion. Hatteras also created an array of semi-custom luxury motor yachts, a better focus on comfort and cruising rather than sportfishing.

The ownership of Hatteras Yachts has changed multiple times. The most recent time was in 2021 by White River Marine Group, an affiliate company of Bass Pro Shops. Other boat brands under White River include Tracker Boats, Mako, Triton, Tahoe, and Nitro. 


Some popular Hatteras Yachts Models

100 Raised Pilothouse

Mr. Loui, 31-meters, the shipyards 100 raised pilothouse series, was the first hull in 2013 for Hatteras Yachts that was designed by the in-house team, who collaborated with T4Design by Enrico Gobbi. Mr. Loui can accommodate eight guests in four staterooms and has a maximum speed of 25 knots. All staterooms acquire entertainment centers, television screens as well as en-suite restrooms. As for maintaining crew members, the Hatteras 100 Raised Pilothouse can accommodate three crew members within two cabins. The salon on Mr. Loui has grand windows allowing a good quantity of natural light to shine through and comfortable seating. As for dining, a dinette in the galley is available for eight guests for a casual setting. 

M98 Panacera

The Hatteras M98 Panacera is the newest model to be announced by the builder. Designed for serious long-distance cruising, as well as formal entertaining, the M98 Panacera is as luxurious as it is comfortable. Hatteras continues to use signature skylights in their motor yacht models to add to the interior's ambiance and increase natural light. The beam of the M98 will be over 22-feet, giving owners a tremendous amount of interior volume throughout the accommodations.

80 Motor Yacht

Can’t decide between the high-class amenities of a 120-foot motor yacht or a manageable 70-footer by two people? The resolution is a Hatteras 80-foot motor yacht with a 21’3” beam. You will be amazed at the design and generous features that the Hatteras 80 Motor Yacht endures. Some of the grand characteristics that you will find are the cockpit underwater lights, a modern flybridge, wine cooler, an aft deck bar that includes a refrigerator and sink, and a sunken wet bar in the salon. All these grand amenities will take your celebrations to the next level. Hatteras 80 Motor Yacht overall offers the most outstanding entertainment space, custom furnishings and numerous options for its layout and navigation system.

GT 70

This Hatteras model, GT70 is conceived to excel under vigorous conditions while still being able to offer a broad number of features and amenities that structure the premium sportfish category. Its speed goes over 40 knots with a cruising speed in the mid 30’s. As for the interior, the Hatteras GT 70 is very spacious and offers the ultimate sportfishing platform.

68 Convertible

Straightforward, modern but sleek, that is what the Hatteras 68 sportfishing convertible is. From the interior being upscale with high-gloss cherry joinery and sliding doors to the 192 square foot teak soled cockpit with a Pompanette fighting chair for the large game angler. The salon is a spacious area to unwind after a long day and the staterooms are more than luxurious. The bridge on the Hatteras 68 convertible is entirely enclosed with powerful windshields, this is meant to protect you from any element when steering the Hatteras 68 Convertible on any journey.

Hatteras 64 Motor Yacht

The Hatteras 64 Motor Yacht is built for endurance and the craftsmanship cannot be missed throughout all the detail even in the non-skid fiberglass deck. The Hatteras 64 Motor Yacht is Hatteras’ only yacht to feature such unique features such as V-drive and an easy riding modified fiberglass V-hull with an 18’4” beam which provides cruising at around 16 knots and tops out at 19 knots.

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Model Name Beam Draft Engine Fuel Capacity
Hatteras Yachts M98 Panacera 22' 6 5' 10 Caterpillar 3,450 gallons
Hatteras Yachts M90 Panacera 22' 6 6' 2 Caterpillar 3,285 gallons
Hatteras Yachts 80 Motor Yacht 21' 3 5' 4 Caterpillar 2,158 gallons
Hatteras Yachts 77 Convertible 22' 5' 3 Caterpillar 3,000 gallons
Hatteras Yachts M75 21' 5' 3 Caterpillar 2,200 gallons
Hatteras Yachts 72 Motor Yacht 17' 3 4' 2 Caterpillar 1,250 gallons
Hatteras Yachts 70 Motor Yacht 21' 4' 6 Caterpillar 2,000 gallons
Hatteras Yachts GT70 -- -- -- --
Hatteras Yachts GT65 Carolina 20' 5' Caterpillar 1,900 gallons
Hatteras Yachts GT63 20' 5' Caterpillar 1,900 gallons
Hatteras Yachts M60 18' 2 4' 8 Caterpillar 1,200 gallons
Hatteras Yachts GT60 19' 4 4' 9 Caterpillar 1,750 gallons
Hatteras Yachts GT59 18' 9 4' 9 Caterpillar 1,750 gallons
Hatteras Yachts GT54 17' 3 4' 2 Caterpillar 1,200 gallons
Hatteras Yachts 54 Convertible 17' 3 4' 2 Caterpillar 1,250 gallons
Hatteras Yachts 45 Express 16' 6 4' Caterpillar 49,700 lbs.
Hatteras Yachts GT45X 16' 6 4' Caterpillar 800 gallons
Hatteras Yachts 105 RPH 22' 6 6' 2 Caterpillar 4,660 gallons
Hatteras Yachts 100RPH 22' 6 5' 11 Caterpillar 4,665 gallons