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About Hargrave Yachts

Hargrave Custom Yachts is the perfect fit for the knowledgeable yacht owner with a clear vision of how they will use their next boat. For those who know exactly what they want, Hargrave’s talented team has an extraordinary ability to build a customized yacht specifically suited to each unique customer. When it comes to performance, accommodations, and equipment — no production builder can match Hargrave’s ability to engineer and design in such intricate detail. It is no secret that Hargrave Custom Yachts are unique and special, they can adapt to every order request, tending to all added improvements even while the boat is under construction.

More About Hargrave Yachts

Hargrave Custom Yachts specializes in the sale and service of 60 foot yachts and larger, up to 190 feet. The professional design and architecture of every luxury yacht they design is, simply put, beautiful — the aesthetics, the powerful and efficient propulsion – Hargrave yachts are and have always been a luxury exclusive brand, even their preceding models are highly sought after. Hargrave Custom Yachts range from 80′ – 190′ in size with realistic pricing to enter the market. Hargrave primarily motor yachts with custom pilothouse motor yachts, addressing the needs of their individual owners with each new yacht build.

Today I’d like to highlight a true masterpiece from Hargrave: G120’ Pilothouse. The 120’ Pilothouse has a contemporary interior with great balance. The diamond is in the details here, with sophisticated cabinetry lines lending an enduring appeal and the combination of contrasting surfaces of Gloss Walnut wood. The interior features Espresso and Taupe veneer accents, sculptured glass and Cream Kaduna Marble throughout. The custom design creates an abstract and sculptural impression that is truly refreshing. The guest and social areas are generously proportioned and are perfectly appointed. Details in the built-in cabinetry were repeated again in the dramatic ceiling soffits. The extended 25′ beam delivers voluminous interior spaces while still providing walk-around side decks allowing crew members to maneuver around the vessel without disruption to guests onboard. The upholstered custom pieces are luxurious, plush and have a clean, chic style. Not to mention a spacious and professional food preparation area, with the hallway floor leading to it being visual abstract art in itself; ideal for both charter and private use.

The Hargrave Company was founded in 1957 under the direction of designer Jack Hargrave, a legend in the industry. For over 40 years, Jack Hargrave set the standard for American yachtsmen, representing best in design, engineering and planning.

Hargrave Custom Yachts’ current president and CEO Mike Joyce takes a hands-on approach to building Hargrave Custom Yachts. Joyce recognized massive brand potential in Hargrave and began the construction of yachts in line with the Hargrave brand. Joyce knew that in order to inspire the future of the yachting industry, Hargrave would have to lead the pack and could not rely on the reputation of other builders for their future. Mr. Joyce stands by his commitment in ensuring each owner is fully satisfied. He says, “What do we have to do to make sure when you let go of the money you got the dream, not a bunch of hardware.” Every yacht begins with a dream and Hargrave Custom Yachts assists you throughout the entire boat building and design process to ensure you love your new vessel. Customers are thrilled that each Hargrave Yacht is custom, “Once you’ve seen one you haven’t seen them all” says Mike. Hargrave customers enjoy working with Mike so much that nearly 40% of them have returned to build another yacht, with some on their 4th build. Since the company’s inception, they have delivered over 50 yachts, a testament to their engineering, staff and communications ability with their workforce and customers.

Today Hargrave yachts are constructed from fiberglass, steel, and aluminum; averaging ten yachts under construction at one time. Hargrave Custom Yachts has delivered over 100 projects valued over $400 million. State-of-the-art design concepts with open interior layouts are a signature of Hargrave, with high-end accommodations for long-distance travel whilst offering the latest in comfort and style. For owners who travel thousands of miles each year, stability is a critical requirement. This is precisely why every Hargrave is designed to meet the strict I.M.O. Offshore Stability Requirements. Plus, with cruise speeds in the 20-knot range, you’ll be able to travel long distances in a shorter amount of time in comparison to other yachts of this class. With reliable engines, long-range fuel tanks, and stellar cruising speeds, Hargrave Custom Yachts is ideal for any cruising or charter venture.

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