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About Gamefisherman Yachts

Gamefisherman Yachts have been building open and adaptable fishing and sporting yachts since 1985 from their base in the city of Stuart, Florida on the Sunshine State’s Atlantic coast. Originally founded by Mike Matlack, the firm is today owned and operated by duo Scott Dunnuck and Erwin Gerards, who have kept Gamefisherman in Stuart, a town long regarded as the Sailfish capital of the world. Recognized as a premier designer of mid-sized, classic sportfishing boats, the company’s yachts can be found testing the waters in locations around the world. Crafted with the serious fisher and angler in mind, many a world record catch has been landed on Gamefisherman decks.

More About Gamefisherman Yachts

A love for the chase is what inspired Mack Matlack to create a new line of fishing yachts back in 1985. Matlack took a long look at the mid-80s market for fishing yachts and decided he could do better. The design of his yachts from the beginning started with the fisherman and his requirements and then worked outwards, shaping every piece of the boat around the perfect fishing experience. The firm went to great lengths to rethink much of the industry’s accepted wisdom in order to deliver original vessels of optimum practicality. The end result? Yachts nimble enough to navigate shallow, often challenging waters, with the durability and performance needed to keep up with the feistiest of Pelagic fish, and the flexibility and space needed to cast those rods and store essential equipment.

The first yachts to launch from the Gamefisherman yard were manufactured using cold mold and fiberglass technologies, and came with either raised flybridges for extra visibility, or express style on-deck command stations to keep everyone on board closer to the action. While many in the fishing yacht industry moved towards larger style yachts built for entertaining, Gamefisherman stuck to their original principles, never sacrificing their brand ethos of yachts centered around a great fishing experience. As such, Gamefisherman yachts tend to measure between 30 and 50 feet in length, the ideal size for those who take their fishing seriously.

Since 2008, when the company was acquired, all boats in the brand have been designed by qualified naval architect Erwin Gerards, who has developed a proprietary hull that reduces drag to create a smoother and more measured ride across the water. Gamefisherman’s superb attention to detail is shown in the many intuitive design quirks evident throughout their yachts. Expect raised teak platforms offering 360-degree visibility, easy-access tuna towers providing elevation, teaser reel compartments fitted to cockpit roofs, combination swing doors for free movement, freshwater nozzles providing convenient cleaning, luxury fixed sportfishing seats finished with durable leather and storage boxes built into the side panels. All this and more can be found aboard these exceptional fishing vessels.

Yet these yachts are not just the ultimate in practicality, they are also effortlessly stylish. Typically designed in a classic sportfishing style with crisp white exteriors, composite superstructures and finished with varnished teak accents or sterns, these boats will catch not just fish but many approving glances. Interiors offer understated comfort and a full range of amenities, from kitchens, easy-clean prep space, bathroom facilities and lower deck cabins for those longer fishing escapades.

Gamefisherman 48’ Flybridge

This traditional model is the ultimate yacht for hardcore fishers. A dramatic and study tuna tower will appeal to those chasing the biggest catches of their lives, while spacious aft deck space is the perfect platform from which to cast lines, wait for a bite and prepare your fish once caught. This Gamefisherman yacht is created using a cold molding process for increased flexibility and customisation, so that yacht owners can fit their wooden hulled boat out exactly as they like. 3D CAD design and CNC cut jigs add extra precision to all major parts and fitments. The model is also available in fibreglass composite and comes with twin Cummins diesel engines for a maximum speed in excess of 35 knots.

Gamefisherman 50’ Express

Another design in the traditional style, the 50 Express eliminates the flybridge for simplified movement across the deck, allowing all hands to engage with the fishing process. Designed with capacious storage in mind for heavy-duty fishing trips, the boat includes rod and gear box, deep drink box, and a roomy tackle hatch at the cockpit. A tuna tower designed for standing and wide aft deck provide the main vantage points from which to start your fishing adventure. Downstairs cabin and facilities round out the offering of this exceptional sporting yacht, which is equipped with dual Caterpillar engines for a maximum speed of 39 knots.

Gamefisherman 43’ Outboard Walk-Around

One of the firm’s next generation of models, and built-in composite fibre glass, Gamefisherman’s 43-foot range offers more flexible space so that your fishing yacht can double for a range of leisure uses. Yet fishing is undeniably at the heart of this modern vessel. Deck space has been deliberately arranged so that fishers have access to all sides of the boat to enable 360-degree fishing, while a spacious cockpit, complete with tackle station, forms the centre of the deck. 50-gallon livewells are built into the transom, while the deck also boasts two large fish boxes. A V-berth below deck offers a compact space in which to recharge while powerful Quad 350 Hp Outboards deliver top speeds of 52 miles per hour.

Gamefisherman 26’ Bay

Inspired by some of the company’s earliest boats but updated with the latest modern tooling, this neat bay boat is all about inshore fishing and nothing else. Sticking to the essentials for the ultimate, back to nature fishing trip, the 26-foot-long vessel can be constructed with either center console, runabout or cuddy layouts. The model is available as a limited production, so don’t stick around to order yours.

How to Buy a Gamerfisherman Yacht

If you’re interested in purchasing a Gamefisherman yacht, a Staten Island Yacht Sales professional can assist you in your buying needs. All employees are trained to identify as many ways as possible to improve your experience when purchasing a Gamefisherman yacht. As a 100-percent customer-driven business, SI Yachts delivers every time.

How to Sell Your Gamefisherman Yacht

Staten Island Yacht Sales has the experience and the product knowledge to sell your Gamefisherman yacht. Selecting the right full-service brokerage firm when selling your yacht improves the likelihood of a seamless and timely transaction. Listing your Gamefisherman with SI Yachts, you can be certain it is in the hands of dedicated professionals. Over 50 years in business, our devoted Sales Professionals work attentively to provide you with first class representation.

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