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About Cruisers Yachts

Cruisers Yachts are an American-built sport boat, sport yacht, and motor yacht manufacturer based out of Oconto, Wisconsin. The Cruisers Cantius model line has proven to be quite successful in recent years with the launch of the 60 Cantius in express and flybridge versions. As a Cruisers dealer in the Northeast, let the team at SI help you find the right new or used Cruisers Yachts for sale on the market today.

More About Cruisers Yachts

History of Cruisers Yachts

The start of a family boat-building business called Thompson Brothers Boat Manufacturing Co. started in 1904 in a small home in the northern town of Peshtigo, Wisconsin. This started a legacy. 50 years later, the first known Cruisers, Inc. catalog made its debut in 1956, prior to the company that was building 14-foot and 16-foot boats under the Thompson Brothers label.  It wasn’t until 1979 when Roy Thompson retired from the family business and let someone other than a Thompson family member run the company. In the 1980’s the fiberglass product line of Mirro Marine Division (Cruisers) was sold to T.J. Bogard, who was originally the former President of Mirro Marine Division and T.A. Lisle, who was formerly apart of Eaton Corporation. Later on, K.C. stock saw potential for the opportunity and purchased the company in 1993 and changed the name to Cruiser Yachts. The Cantius Series was born 18 years later in 2011, with the launch of the 48 Cantius. In 2015, Cruiser Yachts introduced its largest yacht to date, the 60 Cantius.

Cruisers Models

41 Cantius

The Cruisers 41 Cantius was designed for all social occasions. The spacious cockpit and the incredible amenities give off a comfortable setting. Visitors can enjoy access to the starboard L-shaped seating, enough for six guests. The spacious storage underneath makes for easy packing and unpacking. This 41 Cantius also comes with a complete entertainment bar equipped with stools and optional grill. With a fuel capacity of 300 gallons, this yacht is built for long-term travels so no matter where you are headed to, you can cruise at the perfect speed for those amazing getaway weekends.

45 Cantius

A mid-size yacht measuring at 45-feet is perfect for the modern family. Despite the 45 Cantius being on the small side, it makes great use of its space both interior and exterior. Whether the excursion that you and your guests are on, everyone aboard will have a luxurious and comfortable experience. While most 45-foot yachts don’t have enough room for a washer and dryer set up, the Cruisers 45 Cantius, does. Up top, you will find the galley and spacious seating for dining. For being on the small side, this yacht is a great package.

48 Cantius

This multilevel designed yacht is the perfect getaway. This 48-foot yacht offers state-of-the-art navigation in the cockpit and also has enough room to bring on a co-captain in the helm while steering off into the sunset. There are two staterooms, a galley and laundry facilities that allow for extreme comfort while out on the open water. If that is not enough to suit your needs, in the lower salon there is a dinette table and a 32-inch television, making this the ultimate spot to unwind after a day of soaking in the sun and ocean air. The Cruiser Yacht 48 Cantius is also designed with optimal storage space and a large deck for unlimited entertaining or to store a recreational vessel!

54 Cantius

If you can’t decide between the 48 Cantius and the 60-foot Cantius, then maybe the Cruisers 54 Cantius is the yacht for you. This particular Cantius is the most popular in its line. The salon, galley and cockpit are on the same deck providing you with the easiest access for the most necessary facilities without having to take the stairs when you absolutely need something. Below deck is three comfortable staterooms that are all separated by a lower lounge area that is designed for privacy. The standard twin Volvo Penta IPS950 engines are capable of reaching 725 horsepower! This elegant vessel showcases its powerful and undefined design just by being present. The Cruisers 54 Cantius Yacht is capable of turning heads no matter where you go.

60 Cantius

As for the largest yacht to date for Cruiser Yachts, the 60 Cantius rides out into the open seas with comfort in the most luxurious of ways. With a cutting-edge helm for complete control and stylish amenities, it can’t get any better than this. The U-shaped dinette allows everyone to dine in comfort at the bow of the ship. The master and VIP staterooms provide larger sleeping facilities with roomy cabins. There are also spacious washing basins and comfortable bedding. The color appearance of the 60 Cantius is completely customizable and offers a great number of options to choose from. From the interior and exterior you have the options of black, white, blue and slate gray. Customizing all your preferences will truly make this yacht one-of-a-kind.

How to buy a Cruiser Yacht

If you’re interested in purchasing a Cruiser Yacht, a Staten Island Yacht Sales professional can assist you in your buying needs. All employees are trained to identify as many ways as possible to improve your experience when purchasing a Cruiser Yacht. Being a 100-percent customer driven business, SI Yachts delivers every time.

How to Sell Your Cruiser Yacht

Staten Island Yacht Sales has experience and the product knowledge to sell your Cruiser Yacht. Selecting the right full service brokerage firm when selling your yacht improves the likelihood of a seamless and timely transaction. Listing your Cruiser Yacht with SI Yachts, you can be certain it is in the hands of dedicated professionals. Over 50 years in business, our devoted Sales Professionals work attentively to provide you with first class representation.

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Model Name Beam Draft Engine Fuel Capacity
Cruisers Yachts 60 Cantius 16' 4' Volvo 647 gallons
Cruisers Yachts 54 Cantius 15' 6 4' 0 Volvo 500 gallons
Cruisers Yachts 540 Express -- -- -- --
Cruisers Yachts 520 Express 15' 6 3' 6 Volvo 500 gallons
Cruisers Yachts 50 Cantius -- -- -- --
Cruisers Yachts 50 GLS -- -- -- --
Cruisers Yachts 500 Express -- -- -- --
Cruisers Yachts 48 Cantius 14' 6 3' 6 Volvo 350 gallons
Cruisers Yachts 46 Cantius -- -- -- --
Cruisers Yachts 460 Express 14' 3' 5 Volvo 400 gallons
Cruisers Yachts 4450 Express 15' 4 3' 3 Volvo 500 gallons
Cruisers Yachts 45 Cantius 14' 6 3' 6 Volvo 362 gallons
Cruisers Yachts 42 Cantius -- -- -- --
Cruisers Yachts 42 GLS -- -- -- --
Cruisers Yachts 41 Cantius -- -- -- --
Cruisers Yachts 38 GLS -- -- -- --
Cruisers Yachts 38 Express 12' 8 3' 8 Volva 300 gallons
Cruisers Yachts 3470 Express 11' 8 4' Mercury 232 gallons