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Owners of center-console boats appreciate the versatility that comes with this particular type of design, as it can be used for fishing, water sports, day cruising, or as a tender to a larger motor yacht. Center-consoles are mainly defined as having a console, helm, and seating in the very center of the boat with room to walk around to the bow and back to the transom. Some center-consoles now feature spacious cabins and seating areas below deck that can allow for overnight trips. Most center-console boats range from 20-feet to 40-feet, however some builders have successfully introduced 50-foot plus luxury center-consoles into the market.

Since 1964, SI Yachts has helped countless boaters find the right vessel for their lifestyle and budget. We are proud to be dealers for Valhalla Boatworks, the fastest growing luxury center-console brand designed and built by Viking Yachts. If you're interested in learning more about buying a center-console or about how we can take your existing boat in on trade, please give our main office a call at 1-718-984-7676.

As of January 2022, there are 2,219 center-console boats available on the brokerage market ranging from $100,000 to nearly $2.5 million for brands like HCB or Scout. Other popular center-console builders that are actively designing new models include Boston Whaler, Contender Boats, Freeman Boats, Grady-White, and Yellowin Yachts. While the lack of weather protection is often the negative mentioned when it comes to center-consoles, many of the above-mentioned builders include features like hardtops, windshields, wrap-around enclosures, and cuddy cabins to escape a rain storm.


Why Are Center-Console Boats So Popular?

The popularity of center-consoles boats as a primary boat has grown substantially in the last decade thanks to their handling ability, 360-degree visibility, the ease of maintenance, and the ability to cruise shallow waters. Many center-console boats are also less expensive than sport fishing boats, which feature inboard diesel engines and are heavier due to the on board accommodations.

Center-Console boats also offer a variety of opportunities to enjoy the water. Owners can outfit their boats for fishing by adding outriggers, live-wells, and rod holders. Dive tank holders and side dive doors can be added for scuba enthusiasts. For those that enjoy entertaining, outdoor galleys for grilling that include a wetbar are even possible. Center-consoles are also generally fast, have shallow drafts, and are easier to dock than a larger yacht.


What Engines Go On A Center-Console?

From a single 150HP outboard, to sextuple 600HP's, and everything in between, what engines you have on your center-console depends entirely upon your needs. Luxury center-console manufacturers have been equipping their larger models with some serious horsepower than can propel you to speeds over 80 knots in some cases. Mercury and Yamaha continue to be the dominant engines manufacturers for center-consoles.

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