A Resource Guide to Boating and Yacht Safety

Written By: Rob Bowman

The gentle waves and surf, birds flying overhead, and a variety of marine life in the water are just some of the wonderful things you can see while you're out on a boat. If you're an angler, there's nothing quite like the feeling of reeling in your first fish after hours of casting in the hot sun. Going out on a boat or yacht gives you a liberating feeling that's hard to match. But with these great pleasures comes great responsibility. Piloting a motorized watercraft is not a simple operation and requires focus, preparation, and attention to detail. If you are at the helm of the boat, you are responsible for the people and animals on board, the people and animals around the boat, and the craft itself. Motorized boats, especially those with outboard motors, can be powerful but dangerous machines, and operating them requires the care and focus you would give when operating any piece of heavy equipment. Knowing the proper safety procedures is necessary for everyone riding on a boat, but it's crucial for the captain to know the safety rules, communicate them clearly, and be able to take charge in case of an emergency. In fact, a good captain has a safety checklist they review before every trip to make sure they're prepared for every contingency.