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Valhalla Boats are luxury center-console yachts built by the legendary sportfishing company, Viking Yachts. Constructed with the patented Michael Peters Design Stepped-V Ventilated Tunnel hull, Valhalla Boats lead the competition in performance and handling. SI Yachts has sold Viking Yachts longer than any other dealer in the world. We are Viking and Valhalla Boats dealers for New York, parts of New Jersey, and Southern Connecticut.

There are currently 34 pre-owned Valhalla Boats available for sale today in the United States. There were 29 Valhallas sold in the last 12 months. (Updated: November 1st, 2023)

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HISTORICAL Valhalla Boatworks MODELS

Model Name Beam Draft Engine Fuel Capacity
Valhalla V-55 15' 6 37 Mercury 1,200 gallons
Valhalla V-46 13' 4 2' 8 Mercury 757 gallons
Valhalla V-41 11' 7" 29" (Engines Up) Mercury or Yamaha 557 gallons
Valhalla V-37 10' 0" 28" (Engines Up) Mercury or Yamaha 470 gallons
Valhalla V-33 9' 9 27 Mercury or Yamaha 327 gallons

About Valhalla Boatworks

Viking owners have been asking for years for the company to build a line of center-console boats with many of the same fishing, seating, and performance features that make their sportfish models so desirable. With their Valhalla Boats line, Viking has created the most popular fishing center-consoles made today. From the unique mezzanine seating, to the abundance of rod storage, Valhalla Boatworks have quickly become the new standard from 33 to 55 feet in the center-console market. There are more than 300 Valhalla Boats that have been built and delivered.

"Our clients are thrilled with the versatility that the Valhalla Boats has to offer," said Jay Hendrix, VP of SI Yachts. "Whether you want to fish offshore or have them as a luxury tender on your motor yacht, there are different customization options and amenities on board that apply to both lifestyles. Valhalla has been a game-changer in the center-console market."

Each Valhalla Boats model is built with a patented stepped-hull design which is among the most advanced in the world. The twin steps and tunnel provide for higher speed and a more efficient ride, along with increased maneuverability. Stepped hulls work by decreasing the surface area that becomes wet during acceleration, thereby reducing the friction that develops between the water and the hull of the boat. The "step" refers to a sudden change in the height of the hull that runs across the vessel from side to side and ends with a notch in each of the sides of the hull. As the center-console begins to plane, there is a formation of low pressure aft of the transition which draws in air through the notches in the hull. The result is a boat that is quicker to plane, faster overall, and can turn with extreme precision.

Traditional Viking design and construction traits can be found all over each Valhalla model from the bow angles, the sloping S-shaped sheers, double-forward chines, and mezzanine seating to name a few.

Every model is packed with fishing amenities within the design. Owners love the strategically placed rod holders, raised transom live-well, in-deck fish boxes, and the abundance of storage tackle, and bait. As with all Vikings, Valhalla Boatworks will be equipped with electronics packages from their subsidiary company AME and Hardtop, Marlin, and Gap Towers from Palm Beach Towers. You can even enjoy custom Seakeeper installations that don't sacrifice deck space or storage.


Frequently Asked Questions About Valhalla:


1.) Where are Valhalla Boatworks built and manufactured?

All Valhalla Boatworks models are built by Viking Yachts at the Viking Mullica factory located about 12 miles from the main Viking factory in New Gretna, New Jersey. Located right off of the Mullica River, the factory sits on 80 acres and includes over 88,000 square feet of buildings. The Mullica River eventually connects with the Bass River, before eventually ending in the Great Bay near the Atlantic Ocean. Before this factory became where Valhalla Boats were built, it was home to Ocean Yachts.

The address to the Valhalla factory is:

2713 Green Bank Road

Egg Harbor City, New Jersey



2.) How much does each Valhalla model cost?

Each Valhalla Boatworks model has a base price with standard equipment, a base package of options, and a premium package of options. Many customization opportunities exist with each center-console to outfit the boat according to your specifications.

The base price of the Valhalla V-55 is over $2.8 million when outfitted with the quad Mercury V12 600HP engines. As the desired options are added, such as the Seakeeper, electronics, tower, and other accessories, the price will obviously increase.

The Valhalla V-46 has a base price of $1,679,000 when outfitted with the triple Mercury Verado V12 600HP engine package. 

The base price for the Valhalla V-41 is $600,000 and the standard equipment base package is just over $65,000. The base package includes a fiberglass hardtop, Rupp outrigger poles, an integrated Seakeeper Mounting Structure, Hooker Sea Chest live-well system, and much more. The premium package goes up in price and includes the underside of the hardtop to match the helm color, Gemlux swivel rod holders, a faux teak helm pod, and more. Additionally, owners need to determine what electronics package they prefer.

The base price for the Valhalla V-37 is $445,000 and the standard equipment base package is just over $66,000. The base package includes many of the same features for the V37, although some new options like the mezzanine seating, have been added. Again, interested owners should review the options list with their SI Yachts sales professional to get a true estimation on the cost of the V-37.

The Valhalla V-33 has a base price of $315,000 which makes it highly competitive with other luxury center-console builders in its class, despite its superior construction. The base package is just over $58,000 and includes features like a fiberglass hardtop, Coast Clear side-panel helm, diamond bentley stitching, and much more. The premium package offers other options like a bow thruster and a Seakeeper SK2 Gyro.


3.) What kind of electronics package can I get on my Valhalla?

The team at Viking knows that boat owners have allegiance to particular brands when it comes to their electronics. That's why anyone building their own Valhalla boat will be allowed to choose between Garmin and Simrad.

The Garmin package is the same for all three Valhalla models and includes the GMR1224XHF2 12kw radar with the 4' array, three GPS Map 8617 with 17" display, Reactor 40 autopilot with smart pump, and more. The Simrad package is also the same for all three models and features a TXL-10S-4HD digital radar, NSO EVO3 19" displays, AP44 VRF Auto-pilot pack, and much more.

For the sound systems on each Valhalla, the entertainment package includes a Fusion touchscreen stereo, Sirius XM tuner, and JL Audio speaker equipment.


4.) Are Valhalla Boatworks manufactured in-house?

Yes, over 90% of every Valhalla center-console is manufactured at Viking Mullica. This philosophy is no different than the larger Viking sportfish and motor yachts. By manufacturing the vast majority of the boat in-house, the Viking team can strictly control the quality of every unit delivered. Only the engines and electronics are built elsewhere.


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Written By: Frank Bongiorno

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