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Princess Yachts is a leading boat manufacturer of express cruiser and flybridge models between 40 and 95 feet. The Princess shipyard is based in Plymouth, England, and they make five model ranges, all of which are in high demand, so much so that new Princess yacht inventory tends to be scarce. However, when you work with SI Yachts, you do also have the option of ordering and customizing your very own Princess boat. SI Yachts, serving New York and New Jersey, is one of the largest and most successful Princess yacht dealers in North America and has even been named Princess dealer of the year. Our team is factory-trained and knowledgeable about all of the Princess models and the options for each one. We can also take your existing boat in trade toward the purchase of a new Princess yacht for sale or sell it for you on the brokerage market.

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Princess Yachts is best known for their luxury flybridge models that range from 45 to 65 feet, which are consistently their best-selling boats. The Princess F-Class models can be easily managed by the owner, making them a great option for light to moderate cruising. The range includes the F65, F55, F50, and F45. The F65 is the newest model.


Sleek and powerful, the Princess S-Class models are distinctively captivating. The Princess sport bridge models range from 62 to 80 feet and offer extensive cockpits and garages along with spacious interiors. Enjoy the sun on your face while driving from the sport bridge or while relaxing in the over-sized bow's lounge area. The flagship S80 is among the newest Princess models available today.


Express yachts have always been a popular choice among cruising enthusiasts, and the Princess V-Class series sets the standard. Sleek lines, powerful engines, a generous aft cockpit, and luxurious interiors are the hallmarks of the V-series. The electrically controlled sunroof is massive, and when opened, it lets in the light or opens up the view of the night sky. With large windows lining the salon and the aft door open, a V-Class yacht allows you to enjoy the comforts of being inside coupled with the fun of the outdoors. The V50 is one of the most recent models to be unveiled.


The Princess X95 has opened a new chapter and model series for this luxury yacht builder. The Princess X95 is also called a "super flybridge," describing the extra-long bridge deck that is equivalent to the same size as the main deck. The super flybridge features a fully enclosed skybridge lounge as well as the traditional outdoor socializing areas. The newest model in the range, the X80, is equally as equipped as its larger sibling and can reach speeds of more than 30 knots.


The Princess Y-Class models are larger open flybridge yachts, similar to the F-Class, but they range from 72 to 95 feet. These Princess motor yachts feature creative interior accommodations and a keen attention to detail throughout every space, and there's room for up to ten guests depending on the model, so everyone can enjoy their time on board. The flagship Y95 can reach speeds up to 24 knots!

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Model Name Beam Draft Engine Fuel Capacity
Princess Yachts 30M 23' 1" 6' 9" MTU 2,684 gallons
Princess Yachts 98MY 23' 2" 6' 1" MTU 2,905 gallons
Princess Yachts Y95 22' 3" 6' 5" MAN 3,650 gallons
Princess Yachts 88MY 20' 9" 5' 7" MTU or CAT 2,219 gallons
Princess Yachts V85 20' 7" 6' 0" CAT 1,585 gallons
Princess Yachts 85 20' 6" 5' 4" CAT 1,850 gallons
Princess Yachts 82MY 18' 10" 5' 11" CAT or MTU 1,701 gallon
Princess Yachts S80 19' 11" 5' 10" MAN 1,717 gallons
Princess Yachts Y80 19' 11" 5' 11" MAN 1,849 gallons
Princess Yachts S78 18' 11 5' 10" MAN 1,585 gallons
Princess Yachts Y78 18' 11 5' 8 MAN 1,585 gallons
Princess Yachts 78 18' 11" 5' 7" CAT 1,500 gallons
Princess Yachts 75MY 18' 11 5' 8 CAT or MAN 1,585 gallons
Princess Yachts Y75 18' 11 5' 8 MAN 1,585 gallons
Princess Yachts S72 17' 2" 5' 8" MAN 1,188 gallons
Princess Yachts V72 17' 8" 3' 6" CAT or MTU 1,162 gallons
Princess Yachts 72MY 18' 5' 5" CAT 1,585 gallons
Princess Yachts F70 -- -- -- --
Princess Yachts 68 Motor Yacht 17' 8" 5' 3" CAT or MAN 1,083 gallons
Princess Yachts V65 16'9 4'9 MANS 902 GAL
Princess Yachts S66 16' 9" 4' 9" MAN 1,083 gallons
Princess Yachts F65 16' 9" 5' 4" MAN 1,083 gallons
Princess Yachts S65 16' 9 5' 5 MAN 1,083 gallons
Princess Yachts 64 Flybridge 16' 7" 4' 10" Volvo or CAT 900 gallons
Princess Yachts V62-S 16' 5" 3' 9" Volvo or CAT 900 gallons
Princess Yachts V62 16' 5 3' 9 CAT or MTU 900 gallons
Princess Yachts 62 16'6" 4' 8" MANS 898 GAL
Princess Yachts 61 Flybridge 16'3 4'4 MANS 790 GAL
Princess Yachts V58 15'4" 4'3" VOLVO 581
Princess Yachts S60 16' 0 4' 10 CAT or MAN 858 gallons
Princess Yachts V60 16' 0 5' 0 MAN 858 gallons
Princess Yachts 58 15'10" 4'2" VOLVO 620 GAL
Princess Yachts 57 Flybridge 15' 11" 4' 3" VOLVO 750
Princess Yachts V57 15' 3" 4' 2" MAN 581 gallons
Princess Yachts V56 14' 8 3' 7 Volvo 583 gallons
Princess Yachts 56MY 15' 6" 4' 3" MAN 582 gallons
Princess Yachts V55 15' 3" 4' 7" Volvo 660 gallons
Princess Yachts F55 16' 0" 4' 11" Volvo 726 gallons
Princess Yachts V53 14' 8" 3' 10" Volvo 583 gallons
Princess Yachts V48 13'6" 3'9" VOLVO 330 GAL
Princess Yachts V50 13' 6" 3' 9" Volvo 350 gallons
Princess Yachts 50 Flybridge 15' 4' 3 CAT or Volvo 660 gallons
Princess Yachts F49 14' 3" 4' 1" Volvo 396 gallons
Princess Yachts 49 Flybridge 14' 3" 4' 2" Volvo 396 gallons
Princess Yachts V46 13'2" 3'4" VOLVO 583 GAL
Princess Yachts V45 13'1" 3'6" VOLVO 220 GAL
Princess Yachts F45 16' 4' 10" Volvo 726 gallons
Princess Yachts 42 13'7 3'7 VOLVO 300 GAL
Princess Yachts 43 Flybridge 14' 0" 3' 9" Volvo or Cummins 360 gallons
Princess Yachts V40 12' 5" 3' 4" Volvo 193 gallons
Princess Yachts 40M 26' 4" 7' 6" MTU 6,455 gallons
Princess Yachts 35M 23' 11 6' 11 MTU 3,959 gallons

About Princess Yachts


Every Princess boat model built today is designed by the most experienced architects in the industry to be the best that it possibly can be. The materials are sourced from the very best manufacturers, and only the most powerful, efficient propulsion methods are chosen. One only needs to look at recent awards that Princess Yachts has been the recipient of to understand their dedication to the satisfaction of every yacht owner. Here are just a few:



The Princess Yachts story began in 1963 in Plymouth, England, when a group of friends, including an ex-naval officer named David King, decided to form a company called Marine Projects in an effort to build a superior cruising boat. With an old 31-foot mold and a rented shed, the team managed to launch their very first model, dubbed Project 31. Over the next several years, they worked to improve their operation, and in 1969, Marine Projects launched the Princess 32, the first model to bear the name. It was just one of many changes that would evolve the Princess brand into what we know it to be today.

In 1995, a relationship was forged between the Viking Yacht Company in New Gretna, NJ, and the Princess Yachts Limited factory in England. The goal was to bring the Princess style of luxury cruising yachts to the American market, backed by the well-known reputation of Viking yachts. This new style of sport yacht became known as Viking Sport Cruisers, which were built in the same process as the Princess yachts but with differences integrated for the U.S. market. For instance, Princess yachts in America have larger refrigeration, more horsepower in the engines, and converted electrical systems for components on board.

Much has changed since the launch of the first Viking Sport Cruisers back in 1996, including the purchase of Princess Yachts by the world-renowned LVMH. The LVMH group owns more than 60 of the top companies worldwide, including Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Feadship Yachts, and De Beers. Then, in 2022, Princess was sold to KPS Capital Partners, a private equity firm based in the United States. KPS also owns the Life Fitness athletic equipment company, which it purchased from Brunswick.

Every employee at the Princess Yachts shipyard in Plymouth is touted as a skilled crafter in their trade, and there are multiple generations of families that have all become part of the Princess family. With an experienced workforce and all of the finishes done in-house, Princess Yachts is able to maintain a very high level of quality control not seen at most yacht-builders. The deep-V hull that Princess has become synonymous with over the years continues to be the mainstay in design, although production technology has continued to improve, as has the level of performance. It's no wonder, then, why Princess uses the tagline "Experience the exceptional." One visit to the Princess boat factory with the team from SI Yachts can make your choice very clear. You can expect an exceptional level of quality from a new Princess yacht, and when you buy a Princess yacht from us, you'll be buying from one of the best support teams in the industry.



The Princess shipyard is located on Newport Street in Plymouth, England, next to Stonehouse Bridge. The entire factory covers more than 1.1 million square feet and is conveniently located on the River Tamar, with access out to deeper water in the English Channel. Today, Princess employs more than 3,000 people at its facilities in Plymouth.



The biggest Princess yacht for sale today is the new Y95. The length overall of the Y95 is 95 feet 4 inches. This is 2 inches larger than the X95. The Y95 also has a larger beam of 22 feet 3 inches.



The smallest new Princess yacht built today is the V40, which is easy for an owner to operate without the need for a professional captain. Joystick control combined with the deep-V hull design make driving and docking the V40 easy for all on board. The length overall for the V40 is 42 feet 6 inches, and it has a beam of 12 feet 5 inches.



The team at SI Yachts are experts are listing and selling your pre-owned Princess. Our Diamond listing program ensure your boat is priced right and is marketed to sell. There are currently 98 pre-owned Princess Yachts available for sale today in the United States. There have been 46 pre-owned Princess boats sold in the last 12 months. (Updated: June 2024)



Princess luxury yachts are typically more expensive than your average boat in similar size ranges because of the high quality, attention to detail, top-of-the-line power systems, equipment choices, and customization options. With models ranging from 40 to 95 feet, the price ranges also vary considerably. The new Princess Y95 can easily cost $11 million depending on engine options and other equipment. But one of the smallest models, the Princess F45, can cost $1 million, depending upon the same decisions by the owner regarding options and equipment.




Written By: Rob Bowman

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