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SI Yachts is proud to be the exclusive dealer for Cruisers Yachts in the Northeast. Cruisers Yachts' headquarters and factory are right here in America out of Oconto, Wisconsin. From 33 to 60-feet, there is no better made American cruising yacht.

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Cruisers Cantius



Model Name Beam Draft Engine Fuel Capacity
Cruisers Yachts 60 Cantius 16' 4' Volvo 647 gallons
Cruisers Yachts 54 Cantius 15' 6 4' 0 Volvo 500 gallons
Cruisers Yachts 540 Express -- -- -- --
Cruisers Yachts 520 Express 15' 6 3' 6 Volvo 500 gallons
Cruisers Yachts 50 Cantius -- -- -- --
Cruisers Yachts 50 GLS -- -- -- --
Cruisers Yachts 500 Express -- -- -- --
Cruisers Yachts 48 Cantius 14' 6 3' 6 Volvo 350 gallons
Cruisers Yachts 46 Cantius -- -- -- --
Cruisers Yachts 460 Express 14' 3' 5 Volvo 400 gallons
Cruisers Yachts 4450 Express 15' 4 3' 3 Volvo 500 gallons
Cruisers Yachts 45 Cantius 14' 6 3' 6 Volvo 362 gallons
Cruisers Yachts 42 Cantius -- -- -- --
Cruisers Yachts 42 GLS -- -- -- --
Cruisers Yachts 41 Cantius -- -- -- --
Cruisers Yachts 38 GLS -- -- -- --
Cruisers Yachts 38 Express 12' 8 3' 8 Volva 300 gallons
Cruisers Yachts 3470 Express 11' 8 4' Mercury 232 gallons

About Cruisers Yachts

In the early 1950’s, the next generation of the Thompson family began building wooden lapstrake outboard cabin cruisers which would soon grow into Cruisers, Inc. When the company began using the latest fiberglass technology as it came available, Cruisers and the entire marine industry was revolutionized. It wasn’t until 1993 though that current owner and Wisconsin-native K.C. Stock, who saw great potential in the Cruisers brand, decided to purchase the company and changed the name to what it is today – Cruisers Yachts.

Cruisers produces ten different yacht models today from 35-feet to 60-feet, including the popular Cantius line. Known for delivering an amazing on-water experience, each Cruisers Yacht is a perfect balance of luxurious amenities, inspiring performance, and quality American craftsmanship.  Whether lounging in the salon or resting from a day in the sun in the master stateroom, the attention to detail that the Cruisers designers have put into entertaining guests and providing a comfortable living space is abundant. More of the boat is built inside the Oconto factories than most boat manufacturers so the ability to control the quality of every model released down the line is unprecedented. Cruisers owners who visit the factory are astounded at the wood shops where the trim and cabinetry is cut and assembled as well as the design studio where industry-leading CAD/CAM technology is utilized for added accuracy on important components. Staten Island Yacht Sales is proud to be a family-owned, American company just like Cruisers Yachts, and is uniquely experienced to help you every step of the way with building your new dream.

Cruisers Yachts Cantius Model Range

The Cruisers Yachts Cantius model line has not just grown with the evolving tastes of today’s yacht buyer, but it has essentially set the standard for how sport yachts and express cruisers are built today.  Walk through the yacht displays during one of the major boat shows and you will undoubtedly find the crowds hovering around the Cantius models from 42-feet to 60-feet. Even the most discerning of yacht owners or captains can admire the Euro-style design of the interior accommodations, the strength of the hull design, and the multitude of spaces for entertaining family and friends.

The flagship of the model range is the Cruisers 60 Cantius, which debuted in 2016 to an overwhelming response. The aft cockpit of the 60 Cantius is truly spectacular as guests naturally congregate to the open wet bar, U-shaped seating, and the coolness of the retractable sun shade.  Between the bar stools, the grill, and the strategically placed electrical outlets for your blender, the party may never end when you’re aboard a Cruisers 60 Cantius.

The most recent Cantius launched, however, is a slightly shorter model with big ambition. The new Cruisers 42 Cantius is the ultimate relaxation destination in the 40-foot yacht range. The salon boasts massive windows and a retractable sunroof which brings the outside surroundings and ambiance into the comfortable, luxurious setting inside the boat. Contact your Staten Island Yacht Sales professional today to tour one of our in-stock Cruisers Cantius yachts.

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Cruisers Yachts Flybridge Model Range

With the popularity of the Cruisers Cantius models, it was only natural for the factory in Oconto to come out with the Flybridge versions. Boating in season means sunshine and fresh air, and nothing gets you out into nature like cruising the ICW behind the helm on your own Flybridge. Cruisers launched two flybridge versions of the Cantius line-up in 2017 – the 60’ Cantius Flybridge and the 54’ Cantius Flybridge. Both yachts offer unprecedented views and comfortable seating from the bridge while maintaining the smooth ride that the Cantius express yachts always offered.

Not only can you enjoy driving the Cruisers Yachts 60’ Cantius Flybridge from up top, but the seating arrangements, wet bar, and grill mean you and your guests never have to leave the fun.  The options for socializing and entertaining on the bridge are endless.  And much like the 60 Cantius, the 60 Flybridge also sports U-shaped seating in the aft cockpit and the popular wet bar with bar stools and sliding bar window.

Cruisers Yachts Sports Series Model Range

If you’re looking for a fast boat with flare and all the comfort and luxuries of a small yacht, the Cruisers Yachts Sports Series may be exactly what you need. Staten Island Yacht Sales is pleased to offer our customers the Cruisers 338 Bowrider – South Beach and Palm Beach additions. Always listening to their customers’ feedback, the Cruisers factory started to produce two eye-catching versions of their 338 sport boat for the owner that wants to have fun and be noticed on the water at the same time. The new Palm Beach edition sports a deep red color on the hull with black and silver accents creating an absolutely stunning result. The convertible sunpad gives you a comfortable retreat when at anchor and looking to soak in some sunshine.

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