Absolute Yachts For Sale

Absolute Yachts For Sale

Absolute Yachts are among the finest and most innovative luxury motor yachts between 47 and 75 feet. SI Yachts is a stocking dealer for Absolute and can help you find a new or pre-owned model on the MLS. Having won countless awards now for design, every Absolute is impeccably constructed and eloquently appointed. Our team is factory trained on Absolute and would be happy to discuss current inventory or building a new boat. We are Absolute dealers for New York, Nersey, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and the rest of the Northeast.

There are currently 36 pre-owned Absolute Yachts for sale on the brokerage market today. There were 23 Absolute boats sold in the last 12 months. (Updated: May 2024)

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Flybridge Series

Italian style and luxury from 42 to 72 feet, the Absolute Yachts flybridge model line offers a fresh design for the mid-range motor yacht. The Absolute team prides itself on stunning designs and innovative spaces that really focus on enjoyment. Each flybridge has the option for a hardtop to shade the spacious open bridge and upper helm. The 72 Fly for example has a full wetbar, BBQ grill, and large outdoor table with seating for at least 6, so all of your guests on board can enjoy dining outdoors from the bridge. The new 62 Flybridge is the latest model to debut from Absolute Yachts and is threatening to win several marine industry design awards.

Navetta Series

Perhaps one of the most talked about model ranges in the luxury cruising yacht market is the Absolute Navetta series. Designed for the long distance “fast” cruising market, the Navetta line has opened eyes as to what a luxury motor yacht can achieve. The Absolute Navetta 68 is the most recent model that debuted. She features a main deck that is bright elegant, and sociable with a raised helm for maximum visibility while driving inside. For a true living board experience, the Absolute Navetta series will not disappoint.

Sport Coupe Series

Absolute is getting back to its roots with the new Sport Coupe series and the 48 Coupe. Before their forte was luxury flybridge and cruising yachts, Absolute was a popular builder for sport boats that were known for exhilarating performance and comfort-oriented details.


Model Name Beam Draft Engine Fuel Capacity
Absolute Yachts Navetta 75 18' 4" 5' 5" Volvo 1,056 lbs.
Absolute Yachts Navetta 73 18' 4" 5' 4" Volvo 1,056 gallons
Absolute Yachts 72 Flybridge 18' 5" 5' 6" Volvo 924 gallons
Absolute Yachts 70 STY 17' 11" 4' Volvo 792 gallons
Absolute Yachts 64 FLY 16' 10" 5' 4" Volvo 792 gallons
Absolute Yachts 64 STY 16' 11 4' 0 Volvo 792 gallons
Absolute Yachts 62 FLY 16' 7" 4' 11" Volvo 687 gallons
Absolute Yachts 60 Flybridge 16' 2" 4' 8" Volvo 740 gallons
Absolute Yachts 58 Navetta 16' 5" 4' 3" Volvo 634 gallons
Absolute Yachts 58 Flybridge 15' 7" 4' 7" Volvo 528 gallons
Absolute Yachts 56 Express Sport 15' 3" 4' 5" Volvo 449 gallons
Absolute Yachts 56 FLY 15' 9" 4' 7" Volvo 687 gallons
Absolute Yachts 55 STY 15' 3 3' 4 Volvo 449 gallons
Absolute Yachts 55 FLY 15' 3" 3' 4" Volvo 449 gallons
Absolute Yachts 53 STY 16' 3" 4' 4" Volvo 449 gallons
Absolute Yachts 53 FLY 15' 3 4' 4 Volvo 449 gallons
Absolute Yachts 53 Express Sport 15' 4" 4' 4" Volvo 449 gallons
Absolute Yachts 52 Flybridge 15' 3" 4' 7" Volvo 475 gallons
Absolute Yachts 52 Navetta 15' 3" 3' 8" Volvo 528 gallons
Absolute Yachts 50 Flybridge 14' 6" 3' 10" Volvo 422 gallons
Absolute Yachts 48 Coupe 14' 10" 3' 4" Volvo 422 gallons
Absolute Yachts Navetta 48 15' 4" 3' 4" Volvo 423 gallons
Absolute Yachts 45 Flybridge 13' 8" 4' Volvo 343 gallons
Absolute Yachts 43 Flybridge 13' 6" 7' 3" Volvo 264 gallons
Absolute Yachts 40 Hardtop 13' 3" 3' 7" Volvo 237.7 gallons
Absolute Yachts 40 Flybridge 13' 4" 5' 11" Volvo 211 gallons
Absolute Yachts 39 12' 9" 3' 3" Volvo 99 gallons

About Absolute Yachts

Italy is known for its beauty, its food, and for its fine luxury cars. Italy is also known, however, for producing some of the most creative designers in the yachting industry today. The founders of Absolute Yachts, Marcello Bè and Sergio Maggi, are the epitome of what it means to push the envelope in today's yachting industry. From new technology to inclusion of the best materials, everything Absolute does is about the owner experience.

Known as being pioneers in modern day boat building, Marcello Bè and Sergio Maggi have grown Absolute under the Gobbi brand into what is considered one of the top luxury sport yacht and motor yacht manufacturers today. The company’s brand statement includes 7 key values that are intertwined with each yacht: “Quality, Experience With Innovation, Beauty, Safety, Respect for the Environment, Efficiency, and Solidity."

(Below: The all-new Absolute 52 Fly - new model debuted in 2023).

The company’s brand statement is “Reaching For The Absolute”, which refers to the thousands of hours in design, production, and quality control that go into building their each and every boat. It means to never settle for what is, but rather continue growing until the absolute goal is reached. It is with this in mind that the builder has created one of the most state-of-art shipyards in the world and boasts cutting-edge technology in 3D modeling systems. Even when working with other partners, Absolute excels in creating new ways to adapt existing technology, such as being one of the first to implement the Volvo IPS propulsion system that guarantees the best in efficiency and performance. In addition, Absolute’s designers worked tirelessly to design each model with service in mind. All components on board are easily accessible and can be worked on or removed without compromising the structural integrity of the hull.

Absolute has grown its fleet into four models ranges: Navetta, Flybridge Yachts, Sport Yachts, and Sport boats. Staten Island Yacht Sales is uniquely positioned in the Northeast to be able to handle the entire process with each customer from build to sea and will be there with a top service department and marina every step of the way. Absolute Yachts of Americas President, Cesare Mastroianni says, “We selected SI Yachts because of their many years of success and experience in a highly-competitive industry and for their commitment to provide consistently high levels of customer satisfaction. We are committed to putting our best energies and effort into this exciting new relationship with SI Yachts. They are a quality team perfectly matched and equipped to sell and service our yachts. It goes without saying; we look forward to this exciting expansion of our dealer network in the Northeast Americas”.



The Absolute shipyard is located in Northern Italy, in the Province of Piacenza, and in the city of Podenzano. The facility includes over 157,000 square feet of production space and employs over 250 people. There are 7 departments within the shipyard that are all integrated into a unique production chain to maximize efficiency and quality control.

The address for the Absolute Yachts factory is:

Via F. Petrarca 4
Loc. I Casoni – Gariga
29027 Podenzano (PC) – Italy

Below is a video from "The Boat Show" that goes in depth into the Absolute factory:



The hull of every Absolute Yacht features a strong, durable fiberglass structure that is reinforced with a multi-dimensional grid. All of the structural components of the yacht, from the bulkheads to the floors, are reinforced with fiberglass supports for additional strength. 

The 48 Coupe' is a wonderful example of innovative concepts put into execution. Absolute had special motors created so that the large glass windows in the salon of this model could be lowered electrically. Additionally, new furniture has been designed for Absolute that is modular and free-standing. This allows owners to be able to creatively position their seating on the flybridge or cockpit to fit the conversation of their guests on board. The modular seats can also come with storage space underneath the cushions. Transparent solar panels have also been integrated into the hardtop that can power most of the electrical equipment on board, while also allowing the natural sunlight to filter into the interior.



Based on consistent awards, strong sales nationwide, and good resale value on the brokerage market, Absolute Yachts should be considered good boats for their class. Many reputable marine industry editors have tested and reviewed examples of every model range produced by Absolute. Here are examples of recent awards that Absolute boats have received:




Written By: Frank Bongiorno

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