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Did you know that there are an estimated 307 million lakes on Earth? The sizes of the many lakes around the world vary greatly, from small lakes that are no bigger than 0.001 square kilometers to the world’s biggest lake that spans a whopping 378,119 square kilometers. All together, the world lakes cover 4.2 million square kilometers, or more than half the size of the contiguous U.S., with just the 17 largest lakes in the world making up a quarter of that. That’s a lot of lake water! The biggest ones in the world are often the most famous lakes. But how well can you identify these popular lakes of the world? Test your knowledge of well-known lakes with our “Name that Lake” quiz.

Our lakes quiz will take you on a trip around the globe as you try to name lakes of the United States as well as some of the world’s largest lakes. You will be quizzed on the names of the Great Lakes and many other American lakes as well as lakes in Europe, Australia, Asia, and beyond. Each of them will be presented on a map with clues as to where the lake in question is located. If you’re feeling confident in your ability to play our lakes game, challenge a friend to see who can accurately name the Great Lakes or identify one of Canada’s lakes from a bird’s-eye view.