Come Up with Your Pirate Name | Staten Island Yachts

Ahoy, me hearties! Before you batten down the hatches and set sail on your next ocean adventure, you'll need a proper pirate name, a name so fierce that it will be known across the seven seas — although we also fully support funny pirate names that are guaranteed to make your first mate laugh. If you need help coming up with the perfect pirate name, customized just for you, look no further than our pirate name generator tool. All you have to do is answer eight simple questions about your pirate personality and our special tool will do the rest! Share things like the type of pirate ship you'd captain, what your weapon of choice would be, the type of pirate adventure you seek, and, of course, your favorite type of treasure to find. With this treasure trove of information, we'll generate a pirate name so perfect it will have you shouting "Blimey!"

Come Up with Your Pirate Name

This is the cool pirate name tool. It works by special magic that analyzes your quiz answers and runs them through a special algorithm to generate your pirate name. We hope you enjoy the cool pirate name tool
Another way to generate your Pirate Name

What if you aren't feeling the first pirate name that appears? Don't hang the jib just yet! Hit that "Generate Another" button and before you can say "Aye-Aye!" another name for a pirate created just for you will appear. Will you be a cunning pirate lass named Sloop Mary? Or a scallywag named Cunning Eyed Jack? Try out our fun pirate name generator today to see what the captain of the ship will refer to you as.

Now that you've got your eye patch, peg leg, and cool pirate names, you're ready to hit the open water: Just don't forget your sea legs!