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Yacht Specialists

Jay Hendrix

General Manager
Jay joined the Army out of High School and served almost 10 years, from Washington to Egypt; spending the last 3 years in Alaska flying Air Ambulance helicopters. In 1995 Jay entered the boat business…

Paul Aversano

Yacht Specialist
Paul’s from Brooklyn, and he’s been working for SIYS for over 38 years, starting as a teenager painting bottoms and doing yard work. Along the way, he moved up the ladder from parts manager to…

Dick Curry

Yacht Specialist
Dick spent 90% of his life in New Jersey, and with 30 years of experience in the yacht industry, Dick has served in a variety of capacities for SIYS, from sales to VP of Sales…

Frank Nicolois

Yacht Specialist
Capt. Frank Nicolois is a new member of the sales team at SI Yachts.  Frank’s enjoyment on the water began at an early age.  Frank and his Father would embark on weekend fishing trips aboard their 60’ Sport Fish.  Frank began his boating…

Ed Mahon

Director of Operations (Service Team)

Nicholas Karpuk

Service Advisor
Nick spent most of his time on the West Coast of Florida which not only has some of the best beaches in the country but also some of the most world renowned boat manufacturers. Nick…