The Smooth-Running Viking 80

The Smooth-Running Viking 80
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Naval Architect Joseph Snodgrass explains the design elements – from stem to stern – that allow the
“Deadrise at the bow – or the forefoot – gives the boat great wave-splitting ability without sacrificing interior volume,” says Joe, an 11-year Viking veteran.
Every hull installation below the waterline is carefully designed to minimize drag and maximize speed. “The area aft of the bow thruster is scalloped out so the backside of the tunnel is not exposed to the direct flow of the water,” says Joe.
Two strakes on each side knock down spray while providing lift at high speeds for running efficiency, and tracking for precise handling.
The chines in the forward section of the hull also deflect water, and a radiused transition from the chine to the hull’s deadrise helps smooth out wave impacts. The chines flatten aft, bringing stability.
The raw-water engine intakes on the hull bottom are recessed to further reduce drag. “We make every effort to clean up the flow of the running surfaces of our hulls,” says Joe.
Viking‘s in-house designed nose cone between the shaft and strut barrel is yet another streamlined design component. The running gear is tucked inside of hull pockets to decrease drag.
With twin MTU V16 2000 M96L diesels (2,636MHP), the 80 C packs plenty of punch. The 16-cylinder, turbo-charged, after-cooled MTUs displace 35.7 liters. There’s no replacement for displacement.
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