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In the early 1990s, Tom Carroll, now President and CEO of Viking Sport Cruisers, frequently traveled to Europe to explore new opportunities as Executive Vice President of Viking Yacht Company, located on the Bass River in New Gretna, New Jersey.

On one of his trips to the Cannes boat show, Tom was intrigued by an impressive line of motor yachts built by a company named Marine Projects (Marine Projects would later become Princess Yachts International).

Tom discovered many similarities between this European company and Viking. Managed since its inception by founder David King, Marine Projects was a vertically integrated company that manufactured a majority of components in house and had a hands-on approach to design and manufacturing. Yet, it was a ride in the less than friendly waters of the English Channel that proved to be the convincing factor for Tom that these boats had a future in America.

Get ready for an awesome ride as you view the exciting and exceptionally well-produced video presentations of these luxury sport cruisers. Check out the Princess entourage of 9 V-Class Yachts ranging from the V42 to the V85-S, as well as 9 Flybridge models including 5 Princess model from 42’ to 64’ and 4 Motor Yacht models from 72’ to 95’, and then feast your eyes on the 2 sumptuous Luxury Cruising Yachts – The Princess 32M and The Princess 40M.

Presented for your viewing pleasure at Check it out and see for yourself that the Princess line is truly “Delivered with the Viking Difference”.


Princess V85-S
Princess V78
Princess V72
Princess V62
Princess V57
Princess V52
Princess V48
Princess V48 Open
Princess V39


Princess 98
Princess 88
Princess 82
72 Motor Yacht
Princess 68
Princess 64
Princess 60

Princess 56
Princess 52
Princess 43