Princess Yachts R35 Prototype Video Running

Written By:  DLB May 14, 2018 at 2:47 pm

New Princess Yachts R35 Prototype Hits 50 Knots

In true Princess fashion, information on the secret, brand-new Princess R-35 prototype is trickling out to the boating world keeping everyone on the edge of their seats. Seen above in what Princess is calling “Dazzle Camouflage”, it is meant to disguise the yacht while testing on the water. A countdown on puts the unveiling of the new R-Class line on September 10th which by photos seems to look more like a stylish, luxury day boat, possibly a perfect tender for the Princess M-Class series or larger motor yachts. What’s most exciting about this new series is that it boasts V8 engines and a carbon fiber frame which allows the R-35 to reach top speeds of 50 knots.


Princess R35 Prototype Test from Ocean Media on Vimeo.


What’s the story behind the ‘Dazzle Camouflage’? The Princess Yachts team was trying hard to come up with a way to test the new R-35 without letting the public see what the boat will truly look like. So in an effort to conceal its design, the team turned to Plymouth, England’s naval heritage for a solution. In the early 20th century, an art student named Norman Wilkinson developed a marine camouflage while serving as an officer in the British Royal Navy. The Dazzle Camouflage idea is designed to confuse rather than conceal. The geometric designs were actually credited with saving many lives during World War 2 by making it difficult for the enemy to gauge the speed, size, and direction of British ships. The Princess team sought help from third year art students at the Plymouth College of Art to design what the wrap would look like. The students took inspiration from Norman Wilkinson’s original concept as well as used ideas from modern day illusionists. Princess now invites you to experience the R/Evolution.


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Princess R35 Prototype Test from Ocean Media on Vimeo.